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27 November 2008


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i certainly have days where I wish I could exit December stage left and jump right into January!!!


Bring it on!!!! I have vowed not to be wrapping at midnight on Christmas Eve this year. We'll see ...


December isn't my favourite month. It's far too stressful feeling responsible for other peoples happiness. Hoping all that effort you've put into gifts was worth it..... I'd exit to February when you begin to get snowdrops etc beginning to flower. I do like the poem and I agree with you that you have to preserve them somehow. I photograph my childrens bits and pieces just in case they get lost/damaged.


Awww bless him. That's fab. Now please excuse me, I must go and do some exiting things for the 'C' thing next month. x


I'm feeling quite calm and cool about Christmas this year (but let's just wait til Dec is actually here!).

I do avoid buying magazines at this time of year, they just ramp up the "everything has to be perfect" expectations in me.


Ooh, forgot to add, that poem was lovely, one to treasure (good idea, putting it on here).


Great poem boys!I can't wait to exit november so I can get exited about december.Not sure I want to feel sic though!


Delightful poem! ... I'm heading for the exit...


Less turkey and more ostrich here at the Chez.


what a fab (!!!) poem - a beat poet in the making - well done that man!


what a fab (!!!) poem - a beat poet in the making - well done that man!


- but, somehow, today, whilst discussing the tree and the purchase of, we all just wanted to RUN. AWAY.


So so cute. I love it...and you know it is good because we as adults would find it tough to write something so honestly.


Awww that is lovely.
I refuse to be rushed this year - the run up to Christmas & the prep is the best bit for me so I am going to going it!


Aw Christmas really is for the kids isn't it?

We're hibernating this year so hopefully the stress levels will be relatively low. Best of luck (and cheer) to everyone else :)

Julie (little cotton rabbits)

Great poem Mark (and Johnny) I'm excited for the whole of December too - despite the fact that I know christmas should be all about the children! There is something about this time of year that helps you to recapture something of your own childhood in an age-defying way that no face cream could possibly replicate!


oh that is soooo sweet!!


What a fab poem - sums up the exitment of December perfectly :-)

I'm finding it hard to get exited at the moment - think I need to read your book!



I just read this to my husband. I told him I think it's the greatest poem I've ever read about Christmas. I especially love the "remembering" part. Merry Christmas!

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