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10 November 2008


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Karen J

Bad luck on the sick-child-thing - again! Hope they are feeling better soon. But wow -I'm very jealous - on the Handm@de trip. Looks fab! I bet your head is bursting with ideas!


Hope he feels better soon.
You lucky thing getting to go to Oxford and see and buy all those lovely things.
Love the Christmas decoration

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Handm@de looks like it was fab - I wish I could have gone too! And I love your new decoration! Hope your poorly one is better super-quick! Lucy x


Maybe we will be in the same team!!!
Lovely ornament :)

The Coffee Lady

We've been off school for two days now and the house looks like a tornado has gone through it.

I feel your pain.


Can you hear me chanting "tutorial! tutorial!" That ornament is fabulous. Wishing your patient a quick recovery.


As you know ... I feel your pain! Last week with No.2, this week with No.1. I am a bad mother for feeling frustrated at 'just' being Florence Nightingale, aren't I? *blush*

I am very jealous that you got to Handmade - I had so wanted to go. But no nursing relief meant I missed it. Maybe next year? Love your purchases - and that music decoration - so stylish.

Hope your poorly one(s) get well soon. x


Oh dear. I hope the people in the 'house of lurgy' will soon be on the mend. The craft fair looks as though it was really good. I don't think I would have left empty handed either!


Argh, hope the small people recover soon.

Handm@de promised to be fabulous - I'm so glad it was!


I hope your little ones soon feel better. And I love the ornament and would welcome a tutorial - a great idea to mail!



hope the sickness has passed.............. nice bag and am very much looking forward to instructions of how to make the decoration.
Lesley x


That sounds like a super craft fair and I love those little ornaments... would love a tutorial even more!

Rhubarb Whine

We had a sick day yesterday. I have to admit I am enjoying today's silence :)


Wow, you got some great things at the fair!


Oh such lovely goodies!! Hope the small person is feeling better soon!


Lucky you meeting the Raspberry Fairy herself! I think her bags are absolutely gorgeous and you picked a beauty!! Sounds like a lovely market. Hope the lurgy leaves you all soon!


I love your goodies from Handmade. I might have to make the trip next year - especially if meeting bloggy peeps is involved!

Hope your poorly sick one is better soon and that you are relieved of your nursing duties.


Zia Meadows

I have 4 pale children peaking out from duvets in front of the telly- wish I was at a craft fair!


just another voice saying please show us how to make the fab decoration. Hope the lurgy leaves soon!

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