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26 October 2008


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they are so cute. The only thing I don't like about buying on Etsy at the moment is the state of the $AUS. Selling in $US is super! I did manage to transfer most of my funny money before the dollar crashed and that now IS sadly being spent on the boring things in life..groceries.


Oh they are gorgeous! are those the avocado colourway?


i love etsy too. i have never bought something that wasn't carefully made and that did not come lovingly packaged. i have been eyeing claudia's acorns. they are so cute!


Etsy is wonderful, and I couldn't agree more about the PayPal funny money - it's for special extra things, isn't it? x


so perfectly autumnal... they do make you smile, don't they?


I love the acorns. Paypal money is sock yarn money!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh they are lovely! But where, oh where is your Etsy shop?


Very cute acorns! Paypal is a very clever, but very scary invention ...


Very cute indeed. And clearly made with love.

Just read your post about never feeling able to sit quietly. Yes indeed.


they are indeed adorable! and what you say about etsy is so true. i use my paypal account for all those lovely things in life. this years christmas pressies for example will all be from such talented folk...it's so great to able to buy these treasures. x


I couldn't agree more. No pressure to sell but when you do there's money available for perfect little treats like the acorns which are adorable by the way!


oh they are so cute! You gotta love Autumn.


They are gorgeous! I'd love some too...


What a fabulous purchase, they're divine!


You've kept your etsy-shop secret?
Never knew you had one !

Lil' d

Please don't post ridiculously cute etsy finds - I've just paid my property taxes and the plumber's bill for our bathroom. I am TRYING to be good (I don't have funny money... and my miserable money is feeling rather depleted...)


oooh, gorgeous acorns. I know what you mean about Etsy money, after I've paid off my professional photographer (hubby) and my rather large yarn bill, it's nice pondering what to buy for me - usually the more frivolous the bigger the smile on my face!


Pay pal 'funny money'!!! Such a great idea...especially that I still don't know how to transfer my paypal money in my back acount!!!


ahh, these are divine. i quite agree with your sentiments about etsy. it's a wonderful place.

painted fish studio

i love claudia's acrons, and your photo is fabulous! i completely agree: etsy money should be used only for frivolous fun things for you, as a reward for your hard, crafty work.


Those acorns are so cute. What a fabulous way to spend your Paypal funds--and I completely agree that this is exactly how said funds should be spent! K x

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