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19 October 2008


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Gorgeous socks, I wish I could knit!
Oh and the Nigella Christmas book is only £10 from the book people - worth every penny!


Hope Mark is better now and the rest of you stay well.

I am wearing multicoloured knitted socks as I type, and believe me they're making a difference as I snuggle on the sofa, hankies at the ready, praying for Mr DC to get his act together and take the noisy children off so I can wallow in my cold.

If they are good and leave me in peace I might even make them some pink iced cupcakes for tea. See? Even in my advanced state of illness I have only their interests at heart ;-)


I may just take to wearing socks!! I have a sick child beside me on the sofa too - I however, am making yoyos! I did no knitting at all during winter and now I have the urge to pick up the needles and knit a cotton blanket - go figure!! Your socks are just lovely Ali.


I hope Mark is feeling better.

Love the beach hut cosy. The socks are a gorgeous colour. I am now very inspired to make more socks.


Knitstable! love it, it makes me feel all warm and homely thinking about Whitstable (coming from a Herne Bay girl).

The blurb looks great, can't wait to see what the finished cosy will look like.

I want some orange socks too! :o)


Hope Mark is less bowl dependant now!

What wonderful socks...wear them for tea at mine...an early halloween soiree! You're most welcome!


Oooh - your comment form has remembered me! How weird is that? After months of not remembering me, now it is.

Anyway ... I digress (so what's new). Fab socks. Sorry to hear about Mark - upchucking is the worst, isn't it?

And as for Blurb - am in the middle of making a book of my own from the Bloggy Bits. Would love to know what the 'end product' is like for quality, etc.



I hope mark is feeling better! So orange is my favorite color, so I am dying to know what is the yarn you used for those super awesome socks?


Oh they are rather fabulous, perfectly autumnal, I thank heavens for knitting when sofa bound with sick children, it is the ideal occupation.


Love those socks!

Hope Mark is on the mend?


So glad you are feeling better... only hope Mark is better and no one else goes down with the lurgy! Love the Halloween socks.


The socks look great. I have a friend who did a book on blurb and it is beautiful. He has sure been pleased with the results.


Hi! I love the orange socks. I would love to learn how to knit socks.

There seem to be a bug going around, my daughter has a cough and sticky eyes.



I love the socks.

Poor Mark - I hope he's feeling better, and that the rest of you escape the bug!


I absolutely agree about orange being such a positive colour. Its my new favourite. A perfect antedote to the winter blues which always creep up on me about this time of year...


Gorgeous socks! I think I've probably forgotten everything I learned in my sock knitting class by now... K x


How amazing do those look?! I'm so sorry I didn't comment on your last post, Bloglines has been stingy with me lately, and I've missed a lot. Scared the heck out of me when I saw the title, I'm so glad you didn't suffer an *actual* theft! That's not to make light of how you're feeling though, because I can totally relate. I hope you're able to reassess and regroup, and find a better perspective. Give yourself permission to slow down! You deserve it.


Well, at least you can't lose you feet even in the dark. Wow! they look cosy.


Hey Ali, just catching up on some reading. Those orange socks gobsmack me. I feel like jumping up and down like a school girl and clapping with delight whenever I see a picture of handknitted socks - it's beyond me how they're done, I always think it must take some particularly clever kind of magic.

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