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21 October 2008


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Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oooooh! Are you going to show us how to make them too?????

Lucy x


Cool! I've been trying to figure out what you were doing from your flickr picture for days! :o)

Things are similar here too. And locally the village shops have noticed a downturn too.


Yes can you give us a tutorial I am all for anything that is free and that uses all those catalogues up especially all those endless catalogues that Boden keep sending out (how many do I need?)


Can't wait to see your finished baubles :) K x


Fab idea, though I have no clue how you achieved it!


Great minds think alike apparently, I've been doing something similar the last few nights and just posted about it. The Anthropologie thingies look very cool.


The shops aren't as busy - unless you go on a Saturday at around 11am. Then they're heaving.

Can we see more of the paper baubles? x


Pretty photo! Can't wait to see how you made them :)


Wow, so creative! I don't get catalogues...except for JCrew but it is way too small! I want to see more pictures of your decoration!


Wow! That looks fun. I'm going to have to work that out now.


yes please show us, show us! :o) I want to make some too! x

Lil' d

I don't think I'll be hitting the shops any time soon - just got my property tax bill and the bill from the plumber...

Might have to sign up for some free catalogues, though.


They look pretty for mischris as our Daphne calls it!


I'm joining the queue... how? do? you? make? them?


How do you do that? Please show us all.....


Oh I like the sound of your baubles madam!!! I have to say that I haven't even bothered to open the catalogues this year, not sure if it;s the lack of money or the sheer disbelief that Christmas is looming somewhere on the horizon!
We really do need a bauble show and tell


Nice idea for using Christmas catalogues - could you do a tutorial please. I've noticed the lack of shoppers lately as well - today I was the only customer in our local 'New Look', which is an enormous shop!


When I was a kid we made Santas that way - out of Reader's Digests. Funny, but I had completely forgotten about how much I enjoyed making him in 4th grade until I read your post. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


I'm noticing a definite shift in consumer sentiment. I think perhaps, people are just saying, "Enough".

I'd love to see a tutorial too!

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