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29 October 2008


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Hope you feel better soon. Love the button garland - looks like there's some real treasures in there!


I love the button garlands, I think I may try and do that for my bathroom window, it needs some cheer :)


The button garlands are such a great idea!


I walk by a window decorated with button garlands very often. But I always forget to take my camera. I love the way yours turned out!


I have made the mistake to read your blog this morning with No 2 next to me.

The result? it's 8.30am and although I haven't had any breakfast yet, I've already made two button mobiles.

I'm very hungry and slightly grumpy... and it's all your fault!!!

(our mobiles are made of left over yarns and discarded buttons - all the gold/military/80's ones, shiny and goldish and totally garish. Basically all the ones appealing to my son's 'versace' style... scary really)


But you clearly have no trouble stringing button garlands together - great idea. Hope the cold is banished quickly.


The button garlands are fabulous.. something else on my ever growing list of things I would like to try! Looks like you had a fab day out... hope you're feeling better soon.


Whenever I go back to my parents (in Herne Bay) I enjoy a trip round the many charity shops stocking up on buttons and old retro quilts and pillow covers to cut up and sew with. The garlands are lovely, they would look so nice in my window!


Hope the cold eases soon - awful things. I do like your buttony idea. I've been lookng at the button posies that crop up all over the place too, but our charity shops don't seem too keen on recycling buttons. Hmmmm.


Love the button garland what a great idea.


You sound like a busy bee. Lots going on.

I love the simple little garland. What type of string did you use? I like it.
My mom several years ago went to a thrift store and asked them if they had buttons and the lady pulled out a very large box of buttons, where they did the same thing. Removed the buttons from clothing that wasn't suited to resell. They sold it to her for a few buck. It was one of her best finds every.


Your post seems very coherent to me! Love the button garlands and hope you're feeling better very soon. K x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Those button garlands are just gorgeous! Lucy x


Those button garlands look fab! I would definitely try them if I could think of somewhere my son wouldn't get them.

The Coffee Lady

Those button garlands are lovely. We have a button box but everything in it is black or grey. I don't think that's going to work as well, sadly.


oh what a beautiful idea :: I love the phrase "up-cycle" that you used, also love the way you beautifully photographed the beautiful up-cycled button garland. Beauty all round, thanks for sharing


Where did half term go? it's nearly over and I don't seem to have done anything 'half termy' yet!
The button garlands look lovely.
Hope the cold gets better soon.


I love your button garland - such a lovely idea!

Your day out sounds perfect. It's great how kids will just get on and play together so well :-)

Hope you're feeling better!



what a great idea! i've been looking for ideas to use up some of my button stash. This is too cute.


That button garland is my new favorite thing in all the land!
I can get the resident nearly-5-year-old on something like that to decorate for the holidays!

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