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30 October 2008


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They look really good, much better than the usual completetly covered ones.
And a much better use of werthers than the choking hazard they are when sucked!(there I go..worrying again..I know you like to live dangerously)


um, yeah, they'd better be impressed!

if not, i am. for sure.
happy halloween!


YUM!!! i don't think they will last long at all!

tracey petersen

Well... I'm super impressed right now, if that counts.

Toni-Ann Riley

Wow! they look amazing :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket



That looks like the best possible use of Werthers. Hope they are appreciative of your efforts!


Those look pretty darn impressive! I've been toying with the idea of doing the Martha Stewart caramel lady apples for years, but still haven't gotten up the nerve... K x


I'm impressed... they look great with the drizzled coating.


Well yummy!! I have been so flat out the last couple of weeks that my poor children have had to make do with bought sweeties. There are no complaints though - sugar is sugar after all! Now I'm craving toffee apples!


Wow wow wow I am impressed! Neat idea but yeah so with you on the Werthers advert ;)

Karen J

They look great - you know your boys will love them!!


Wow these look amazing. I know what you mean about the advert.


The spun sugar idea is genius!


Wow! These are like little works of art! I hope your boys not only enjoy eating them but appreciate them for the objects of beauty that they are!


Victoria Leather

Wow!! They look amazing Ali, fantastic job. I'm sure the boys will love them. Am adding them to my list of things I can attempt when we return to live in UK in December - toffee apples are impossible in our humidity!

lucy locket

Hi Ali - sorry about my very short comment earlier! I had clicked on your blog to leave a comment and then looked at the clock and panicked because I was running late and it was my first day going solo in the office! What I wanted to say was WOW!!!! They look incredible!

Lucy x


They look really good I love your descriptions - 'obble and cheffy


Wow! They look fabulous! Well done you. x


I'm impressed! There is a lot of swirly caramel going on there!


ooh I love werthers origional, despite the advert! ;o)

They look rather lovely with their spun sugar appearance, bet the kids will be very impressed!


Ooo they look great! I think you should have a posh dinner party instead :) Yum


Melted Werthers originals - a genius idea!

These have turned out really well - hope the boys appreciated them. They look so much prettier than the normal sort with the swirly coating


They are indeed works of art. But I'm not sure that my teeth would be up to them, so it's as well you're not offering me any. But beautiful as photos and, you know, sort of healthy too.


They look fabulous! The nesty look is just perfect.

Lil' d

Well, I'm impressed - they look very artistic. Whenever I buy sweets for culinary enterprises, though, they tend to disappear before my will to enter the kitchen appears. Many a chocolate chip never survived long enough to make it into a cookie...

Alice C

Such a talented mother ... sigh...
Your boys are going to suffer from idyllic childhood syndrome as adults.


Well if they aren't - I certainly am! Wow - they look fab.


Those look amazing! I might just have to make them for my girls...


They look really pretty - I love the way you've swirled the caramel. Hope the boys were suitably impressed :-)



Yummy. What patience!


I'm impressed tonight!


they look better than the fully coated ones--high class carmel apples! well done.


Oh wow, they look amazing - nice little bite sized alternatives to the traditional toffee apple.


ok whats the secret that melon balled ones are all green and round and the other blogs are all "goofy" looking????
Yours look awesome! found your pic on Pinterest

Charlotte Ferreux

I love this recipe and blog...I posted it on my community foodie blog. Hope you can come check it out http://www.facebook.com/thefrenchiefoodie

Also, feel free to post you're recipes or you're favourite foodie tips on it whenever you like!


How do you drizzle the caramel on?


I know this is an old post how did you keep the apples from browning? I would like to do this for my daughters party so thank you in advance.


Tiffany- I don't know what she used, but have you heard of "fresh fruit"? It is usually found with the canning supplies. I always use that when I don't want my fruit to turn brown.

Sarah @ Just The Bee's Knees

These look delicious! And the mini size is much better for the kids. Just thought I would let you know I featured these on my blog today:)


Those are really lovely. I love the nest technique you used for the caramel.

Pat Ramage

How do you have the apples looking so green? Also how do you prevent the apples fromgoing green. These look fabulous!

Pat Ramage

Sorry I meant the apples from going brown. I guess I am so excited to try these!


These look soooo yummy!


For those wondering about how to keep the apples from turning brown, the word on the street is to put a bit of lemon juice on the exposed inside of the apple. :) hope that helps. :)

Marci Hasson

I've tried these before and could never get the caramel to stick can't wait to use both caramels! I never had a problem with the melted chocolate just the caramel, it seems to only stick to the part of the apple that has the skin. I love the drizzled look much better.

Marci Hasson

Also lemon juice does keep apples from turning brown, my daughter's pre-k teacher did it all the time. I've also read that you can soak the apples in sprite.

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