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07 September 2008


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I had to reassess in the past month - I started a blog, then had a baby. Recently I've hardly had time to brush my hair, never mind find the camera. Then the world swings on, the stressful days pass into more settled ones and the urge returns. The inbox is alluring again. Hope your blogging urge stays and you don't retreat. I look forward to more of your gorgeous pics, crafts and thoughts.


I suspect a lot of people are going through this thought process at the moment. Back to school, following closely on a summer break from blogging start to make me wonder why exactly I am still doing this too. I hope you'll find a way to carry on that works for you and your family. The crafty blogosphere would be a very much sadder place without your posts and photos and ideas.


Life is for living, not sitting in front of the computer. If blogging becomes a chore, where is the joy in it, the fun? And there is no obligation....those friendships and connections you have made will endure if that is meant to be. Whatever you decide, whether that's pressing the pause button, posting less frequently, or stopping all together, I'm sure it'll be the right decision for you, right now.


Changes in seasons both yearly and in life always make us think. That's good. Just don't disappear!

Lil' d

I hope that you don't stop. I haven't been blogging too long, but so far I've found that being lazy helps: people's expectations of my blog are low, so I don't feel pressurised to blog etc.

I like the blogging world, though. My family and friends have probably never set foot in a fabric store. It's nice to connect with other people who like to make stuff, too.


Please don't give up blogging altogether. Each time another blogger 'retires' it feels like a bereavement to me. O.k a bereavement may be a bit strong but it is like something being taken away from me. I know a lot of craft posts can be a bit samey and it is difficult to keep on 'entertaining' the readers with fun and innovative posts. I certainly struggle with knowing what to write about as my recent'candle' post shows, but for me blogging is an outlet to express myself. A place where I can be heard but not seen. There are new bloggers joining the blog world all the time and what may seem like old news or repetative stuff to the long term bloggers such as 'back to school' or autumn drawing in posts it is fresh and different to newcomers. In the magazine world the same topics are churned out month after month and I suppose blogging is no different. We just have to find a way of putting our own slant on a particular topic. Sorry for all the waffling on but I really don't want you to go!


Well said. I go through this cycle of blogging indecision quite a bit. I do enjoy your blog and your own particular slant on things even if it seems stale to you. It's a strange phenomenon, trying to find the right blogging balance, I think.


Gosh Ali - you have said (so well) what has been in my head lately. Perhaps it's passing that one year milestone, see others such as Alice take a step back, realising just how much time it takes up... but like you I need it right now. Don't give up yet. I find your posts interesting and refreshing every time.


I've just past my one year of blogging and thinking about that back to school post and the coming of Autumn post - wondering if I'm just repeating myself. But I write for myself and really my life is cyclical, with a small child when you are tied to school terms it seems more so. Things do have a sameness year on year but I guess my take on events will be different each back to school I write about (maybe!).
Blogs, like many endeavours we take on, do have a natural lifespan, and that's ok I think. Friendships will continue if effort is made to keep them.
I'll miss you if you decide not to continue blogging here because I enjoy reading your musings, but it's your life and ultimately we all have to do what's best for us and our nearest and dearest. Bx


September is a time to review so maybe you should stop to smell the roses. I hope you'll be back but enjoy your days.


you left me my first comment on my blog Ali, and I consider you a blog friend although we've never met, but if you need a breather then everyone will understand, and hopefully you'll come back refreshed.


I know just how you feel Ali. I've had some very real doubts about keeping on with the blog lately - especially when I see 600 posts waiting to be read in Google Reader!! I too enjoy the connections and friendships that I have made through blogging and they are what keep me going.
Since going back to work and having to cut back on the crafting it has been harder to feel I have something worth blogging about. Then I get some lovely comments and feel it is the right thing to do.

It's always sad when fellow bloggers choose to give up but I can fully understand the need to do so.

I truly hope you continue blogging. I always enjoy your posts and your beautiful photos.



Please don't stop! I know I don't always comment, and for that I deserve a slap, but I love reading your posts, and viewing your images.

Your boys and everything around you are divine, and I would miss that so much, I understand what you mean, I think my blog has become half shop/half therapy!!

I think you need some time to have sit back, and as you say why you started in the first place : )

Don't go missing for too long xx


Please don't consider stopping. I don't blog myself, but there are a couple I love reading - yours included. It's nice to read of someone who also has kids, also does crafts, but still finds the time to write about it! Love all the pictures of finished items too.


Well put Ali, I've noticed others are feeling like this.I've been considering whether a blog does have a shelf-life, I loved writing on mine to start but right now I just don't have the time and I wonder if anyone will still be there when I next post! I hope so, I don't want to leave this blog world, I love connecting with like-minded people. Real life goes in cycles, and the months repeat themselves year after year,that's all we're recording really and it's comforting in a way. I always feel sad when someone stops their blog because I feel I've got to know them a little and suddenly they're gone. Even worse are the ones who stop with no goodbye...should I email to ask if they're ok? But they don't know me...It all seems a bit superficial if we just ignore the fact they've gone. Anyway please continue Ali, I never tire of reading about people's real lives.
Have a good week.


I think you just need to do what works for you at any particular time, although I'm not sure I could bear losing both you and Alice within a few weeks of each other! But I'll try not to be too sad if you do decide you need a break. It just means we'll have more to catch up on at our next get-together (Loop reunion perhaps?)... K x


Please don't stop blogging!!!! You are one of the only people who leaves a comment on my blog!
I've toyed with giving up quite a bit lately, when you get down to one post a month there isn't much continuity and it is hard to get stuck into it.
Instead of giving up blogging, I've decided to change tone a bit - there might still be some craft showing off, but I might try to get a little more personal and reflective.
I recently read in the newspaper about various studies that have been made on blogs, and it would seem that going through the process of writing down your thoughts and reflecting in something like a blog format is actually very good for you, more so than an actual diary (where one might tend to get a bit morose, oh woe is me). Of course, next week there will be an article saying the exact opposite.


i know, i wonder about this as well. i have no intentions of stopping at this point - like you, i truly value the friendships and inspiration (and emails) that blogging brings. i find it interesting, though to watch other blogs change.


In the cycle of a blog you forgot to mention the phases of hybernation. I think almost every blogger feels overwhelmed at times and their seems no room for blogging. I belive at these times there is a delicate balance between your blog tipping you over the edge, and helping not tip over the edge. It is a balance though. I find it lovely to read back through old posts, I am so glad I have those records, for my sake not anyone elses.

Just take a little break, but please don't leave us.

PS Finding your routine again when the kids go back to school always takes a couple of weeks. Give yourself that time.


I completely understand your sentiments Ali. I enjoy reading your blog and writing my own too, but lately I find its been sucking away all my free time. Posting less frequently seems to help take the pressure off for me. Take a break if you need to, hopefully it will leave you feeling refreshed!


I've thought lots about this. My little hiatus due to lack of power for a week has done me well. Take some time, we'll be here when your return - I do so hope you return!


It may be the same time of year but the children are older and life changes. So keep going - I always enjoy your wonderful life observations and watching your family grow. I blog when I can and when I feel I have something to say but I always read and comment though. It keeps me in touch with the world and lots of lovely talented people.


I, too, have found the blog lifecycle fascinating. I think when one starts it's to new and exciting to meet so many other like-minded bloggers, but before long it can become overwhelming with so many blogs to read and comments to answer. I can easily see why people step back. There has to be a happy medium -- perhaps, less-frequent blogging? Who knows -- I do wonder about it a LOT!


I'm sure it must be the time of year! After my summer break, I feel much more relaxed about posting - not so desperate to get something down every day or so.

Like others have said above, routines need to be re-established.

Ruthanne (Kittythimble)

My blog was a recent fatality. I found out my entire 5 years of marriage was a lie. It seemed wrong to continue to blog about baking, gardening and normal things when my life had fallen apart so spectacularly. I am slowly picking up the pieces of the devastation and might one day return to blogging once I have packed up and moved on. You never know what's around the corner.


well, I wasn't expecting this! But I totally understand. I will always remember what you said to someone (can't remember who) who was having the same thoughts as you're having now, "blog to live, not live to blog". So if at this moment in time blogging is not what you need/want... well take your time and do other things!

I will always be your friend.


Toni-Ann Riley

Your thoughts echoed mine on those bloggers who have hung up their boots so to speak. I like their honesty and respect their choice. I also find blogging/reading blogs/finding blogs does take up a lot of time, but it is time that I have and it is mostly well used for all the ideas, info, peeks into pples lives that it gives. I enjoy reading about people who have similar sentiments and outlooks to mine, although I don't like to intrude by commenting too much.
I hope you find the balance you need :)


I think what Dragonfly said is key - since I lost the compulsion to post every day I am so much happier again blogging - it is an amazing world filled with so many extraordinary women (mostly - I only read one blog written by a man) - and to step away from it completely is to lose a whole world of friends!


I'm still fairly new to blogging. For me it's a wonderful way to connect with others thoughts and their creativity. It opens your eyes afresh, you get to see life from someone elses perspective. That helps me! This is a difficult time of the year. If you've children they are off on new life adventures of their own. We're all aware that autumn is swiftly followed by a long grey, dark winter which isn't much to look forward too. Not having a summer makes that seem even worse. Let down even. Friends make it all feel so much better - a warm, electronic keyboard connection to folks of like mind. Stay with us... we'd miss you.

French Knots

I love comments pinging into my inbox and 'meeting' like minded people but as my blog is for me I try not to get too hung up on how often I post, if I'm busy then it might only be once a week.
Hope you find a happy balance.

tracey petersen

Sometime blogging and breathing can be the same thing - this is when it works best.


Please don't give up. Because I have been following your blog(s) from the beginning. And don't think we do mind another "start of the school" because each year brings his own challenges and I love to read them.


I have had so many of the same thoughts when it comes to blogging. how long have you been blogging?


As much as I love your blog...there is nothing wrong for you to stop blogging for a while...take the time to breathe and enjoy other things. xox


Thank you for your kind words about my exit post. It was a hard decision to make but best for me, I think. And you're so right about all the friends you make through blogging. I will not forget the friendships I've made. Visits to their blogs, comments and private emails will work to sustain these friendships. My main purpose in stopping blogging is to live my life with a bit more balance, less time at the computer and more time living is the answer for me.

There's a good article I found that may be helpful for some of your readers; it's called "How to Know When to Stop Blogging" and here's the link: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2007/01/27/how-to-know-when-to-stop-blogging/


I hope you won't stop blogging! I really look forward to your posts popping up in Google reader - your photography and writing is such a pleasure to read. Maybe you just need a break, but I hope you'll be back soon!

Alice C

There are no rules in blogging. You make your own. I think have I found a way to make blogging work for me right now - I hope that you do too.

Whatever you decide I am so glad that I have met you - and that is entirely thanks to Blogland.


I firmly believe that unless a blogger has something they really want to say, they shouldn't blog. So what if a few days/ weeks go by? There's nothing duller than clicking onto a blog to read something like "I have nothing much to say today. Just thought I'd post this anyway..." Drives me mad.
You'll be back, I'm sure. Enjoy the break!


You have a great talent for seeing and describing the big picture I think. I really appreciate that about you. I've had similar (less cogent) thoughts and of course have taken my share of breaks. I don't have the answers... I think that is what I'm sayin...

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It's a tricky one isn't it? I sometimes get overwhelmed by the number of posts I need to catch up on in google reader and can't always comment so I feel guilty. And the I feel guilty when I don't always manage to reply to the comments I get. And then I worry about being boring etc but basically I love blogging - where else would I have ever found such a fantastic group of friends with the same interests and passions as me? People who understand that sick, excited, almost agitated feeling you get going into an amazing fabric or wool shop? And as I have never, ever managed to keep a real diary I am delighted that blogging is providing me with a record of the day to day life of my little family - would I EVER have taken photos of what we were going to have for supper, or what the childrens' bedrooms look like when they are (very rarely) tidy? These are the nuts and bolts of life that I will love being able to look back on.

Sorry, a very long and rambling comment typed with one finger! Phew! I'm so relieved I've finally shut up!

Lucy x


i almost quit my blog at least once a month. take time for yourself and step away. it always helps me refocus on what i need to be doing. hugs.


Me too, I think the dull weather and the busyness of life just don't help. Don't go though as I really enjoy reading your blog. Please come back after your breather.


would it be too extreme if i said that if you stop..i'll be round with the heavies!

i thought about you today(before reading this!) because there's a workshop on making stitched books and bindings happening close by soon! AH! Domesticali would LOVE that i said. My littlest one said "who" and when i said "lady on computer", he nodded and grinned sweetly!

Take time for y


'Take time for you' that was supposed to say before the aforementioned littlest tried to help me type to "the layyydeeee".


Definitely step away for a while but I hope so much that you won't stop entirely. Yours is one of my most favourite blogs and I think one of the most grounded and well-rounded, if that makes sense. You portray reality with it's ups and downs and so many of your posts must have all mums who read your blog nodding in agreement and recognition. I know what you mean about there being a lifecycle to running a blog and it is time consuming. At the end of the day you must do what is right for you. Hope you choose to stick around though, even if it's just now and then!


:) Step back and exhale a bit. We'll all be here when you return. xoxo


Yes I guess you are right, there are so many iterations of 'back to school posts' but at the same time don't we take comfort from reading and sharing these posts with so many other human beings all going through similar experiences?

The best thing about being alive is feeling cared for and I'm convinced that blogging has it's own unique part to play in that. So don't go; have a lovely break and have heaps of fun exploring stuff all over again!


Hope that you don't step away for too long - we would all miss you.


This sentiment is probably spread by the wind.
I have been, for the past month or so thinking about Why I Blog -- an overall "What do I bother?" feel, actually.
The few online friends I've made, and potential could make, is what's keeping me here (in the Blogsphere).

Take heart in knowing that you have an appreciative audience who await your entries with baited breath.


Hi, interesting post. I'm fairly new to blogging and it's still a novelty, but I've set myself a time frame of a year. Prior to blogging I kept a book review diary for 4 years, so really I'm only transferring to computer what I kept on paper before and adding pictures! Anyway please keep your blog going - I've not commented before but I regularly check-in.

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