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28 September 2008


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They are so cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I was clicked on your etsy shop - that charcoal tote is beautiful!


AH, thanks for the tutorial - we went off to check out the book you mentioned and I was thinking 'I bet I can work out some of those projects' - and now I don't have to. Hurrah!

(whispered good luck with etsy ... the blog break is productive then?)


Oh how fab! Thanks for the tutorial - my eldest daughter is just getting into Halloween so these will be perfect!

Karen J

Thanks for the tutorial - my boys will love it as much as yours, I reckon!
(PS good luck with the low-key you-know-what!)


Those are so cute! I think I my make a few and string them into a garland. We'll see - I've got to get costumes done first!


did you say something starting with E? now if only we celebrated Halloween. I'm keeping my eye on you!


well well well... how cute.

Gotta find me some black felt now...

(I swore to myself no Halloween stuff before October, two more days!!)


way cute bats, ali. and very aptly named!




It must be low key, I didn't know that you had an etsy shop. Love the bats.


Thank you so much for the tutorial. I just love the bats! And congratulations on your new venture :) K x


I'm definitely going to make those. Thanks so much for the tutorial!


I'll have to make some - thanks so much for sharing!



The mouths are definitely my favourite part!


Hey, you low-key woman, you! Good going. :0)


A tutorial and etsy shop in one post? Go girl!


They're adorable Ali! Thanks for the template!


Cute bats.

two hippos

What cute bats, great tutorial too!


Fabulous bats! I have bookmarked the tutorial for a rainy day with my smalls. And now I'm off to check out the ... *whispers* ... Etsy shop. x

Lil' d

Aw, so cute!

Hmm, I guess I had better start thinking about costumes, huh?

amy bowers

super cute! The most worn outfit in this house with 3 kids is a bat costume I made several years ago. There is not a picture of my son in the last 2 years with out it on!


Oh MY! These are so cute! I'll be linking to them in my Halloween Roundup. I'm so thrilled to have found your blog!


What adorable little flappies! They make me smile! :)


Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, it will be a fun a project.

elizabeth of course

Marvelous! I love them! Now I know what to make for my boys and their friends instead of candy! Okay, maybe in addition to a liiiiittle candy.

Suzie Sews

THANK YOU SO MUCH....This is super cool, very original and I think my older babe will love to make some of these with his Mommy...we like bats here...


What a wonderful tutorial thank you so much for sharing it with us!
hugs ginger


These bats are so cute that I had to make a few of my own! (You can see them on my blog - they look exactly like yours!:)). Thanks so much for the tutorial, your blog is great.

[Good luck with you-know-what!]



Vraiment marrant, quelle bonne idée, bravo


This is a precious craft!! I'm writing from bulbinblue.com, a non-profit website for creative ideas and crafts. We'd love to feature your tutorial in our upcoming Halloween section. If you are interested, please e-mail us at [email protected]
The Blue Team


oh sweet!

might have to make some of those... boys are really into Halloween and the whole scary goriness of it all.

(at the moment it's just to hot to think about it though... isn't this weather weird?)


I love the teeth of the bats. That's the cutest part of them.

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