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18 September 2008


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Red wine doesn't last long enough around here to keep a cork in it!

Karen J

Ooooo lucky you! Love Halloween - been forcing myself not to start thinking about it until I get No2 son's 4th birthday party done (it's next week!) Isn't it great it's in half term! The Family Fun Halloween book is quite cool, too. If you want any pumpkin, bat or ghost shapes cut with a Sizzix let me know! Cuts craft foam as well as paper or card - can you tell I'm trying to tempt you!!!!!


You are so organised getting ready for Hallowe'en already! Or is it just that you are getting excited?
I love your bat - he's gorgeous and just a little bit scary :)



Fab bat finger puppet! Wouldn't they look good as a colony - one on each finger of each hand ... although that is a lot of bats :D


That's fab! x


So your going a little batty?
He's very cute. I've been wanting to decorate for halloween already too. It must be that full moon or more likely all the cute halloween decor that's starting to show up.


Ooooh, I saw that Matthew Mead book today at the bookstore -- I SO wanted it just for the pattern for those witch socks -- I LOVED that witchy display on the coat rack!!! Love your little bat!


Oh, this is adorable! Great job!


Oh I want one. I have no children though so I won't even be able to pretend it's not for me...


Lovely bat! My two are talking about Halloween too - and this is despite never having been trick or treating, or to a Hallowen party. Bizarre!


Excellent link! I haven't really done halloween since I was at school but I'm thinking maybe some sort of spooky gathering may be in order this year!


Fabulously batty bat! Love him!


Good Morning ~ I love the bat! My daughter's birthday is on Halloween so we always had so much fun at her parties! She will be 28 yrs. old this Halloween ~and I think she might have fun with that bat! Enjoyed my first visit here - I will be back! Enjoy your day!

Rachael Rabbit

I LOVE Halloween crafts!


Ali, you can always be counted on to come up with the perfect Halloween ideas. Last year we had so much fun with your lollies and this year I think Amy and I will follow your lead and go batty in half term!


Eek, that's so cute!


This is so cute, and I love the idea of putting it on top of a bottle of red wine. Very clever.

Lil' d

What a cutie!

We're starting to whittle down the costume ideas around here. I'm trying to steer them towards something easy...


I can't believe it's October next month and Halloween. thanks again for such a great idea, i still remember your lollies from last year. so many good ideas!


Just popping in to say hello. I just found your blog and think I'll be back again. Fun finger puppet!

Have a lovely day!


Now, I'm scared that you are that organised!

He is very cute, though...


Can't wait to see some of your Halloween ideas, I loved your cakes you made last year with the marshmallows and was it you that made the lollipops with tissues as ghosts or is it all a in my little dream world?


Love the bat finger puppet! One of the things I miss most about New England is the complete obsession with Halloween crafts and decorating.

I've never heard of Matthew Mead. Must find out more immediately! In the meantime, I have 10 years of Martha Halloween ideas on file if you need more... K x


Ha love this little guy!

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