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24 September 2008


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Sounds delicious!


Oooh, now, I have a bit of an aversion thing to apple puree-ey, saucey things. And yet I love apple crumble. Bizarre. I think it's all those pots of baby food I made ... But I'm glad you found a use for the apples! Me? I'm off to make a tarte tatin!


A Montreal writer yay! I also have a glut of apples from "apple picking with school" season - like this recipe yum! We have made apple muffins, apple cake too...


The dessert sounds great! But I love Scaredy Squirrel even more!!


Thanks for the recipe Ali I shall definately be trying this one out. I shall also have to check Nigel Slater's recipe book/s out at the library (I like the sound of arranged by season)


Mmm - I love cooked apples!


Umm apple snow?!
I must try that soon.Like now.Okay mabe tomorrow then.
I got my mags today.Thank you so much.They will be a perfect with the apple snow. x


Crikey, I bet that ramekin was a bit tough on your teeth? Nice and crunchy though, eh? ;-)

I haven't made Apple Snow in years - thank you for reminding me of it! x


We have a few Bramley apple trees on our development, so I better get picking. This sounds really delicious!

And unfortunately I don't have any excuse for my children's book buying--a bit embarrassing really. K x


apple snow - yummy! love the sound of the sauce too. We've been picking up windfalls on our way home from school - perfect for giving this a try I think!


I love his cook books.

J came home with Simon Hopkinson cook books from London when he was last there. They are fantastic too.


Ooh, my mother used to give us cold apple snow with hot custard, the combination was just scrummy. Thank you for bringing back memories of wonderful puddings of my childhood!


that sounds delicious... unfortunately my kids would never eat something so sophisticated, even with the magical name of snow apple...

and me? I definitively shouldn't eat all the maply syrup with butter. and I would, oh how I would!!


I love Nigel Slater, but have never tried any of his recipes. I may start with the apple snow. It sounds delicious!

Children's books are one of my greatest sources of pleasure, and I'm constantly buying or checking out books for my boys that I really want to read myself. Tricky!


Timely recipe with the Bramley's needing picking. Thanks.


I love that Nigel Slater book too (but then I love all his books!). I think I might try that pudding this weekend, and I'm afraid I'm just like you making puddings "just for the children" and then nibbling away at them myself (standing up of course so it doesn't count)


I've never heard of bramley apples...we must not be able to get them in the states. I'll have to see if our library has that book - it sounds fantastic!


It sounds good...but I don't know about raw egg white? I think I'll stick with meringue.


Oooh my Mum used to make apple snow and your recipe has brought it right back to me!

Lovely :)


Patti Lekas

we are going to make this tomorrow after we pick up some apples

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