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17 August 2008


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Maybe I should bring my Cup-a-Cake to Jane Brocket's talk, just in case she has any cupcakes/fairy cakes?! K x


oh. my. word!
whatever the answer is they look scrumptious : )


Small cupcakes?
Oh now I need a cupcake container!


Cup-a-cake?!! Now tell me what is really wrong with licking the frosting off the cling film?Eh eh!?

Alice C

Hmmm...my son would be unable to eat those.

Which is fine...it leaves more for those of a less imaginative disposition.


These look delicious! Hungry now ...!

Lil' d

I'm hoping it's small cupcakes.

I only have experience with raspberries that I picked in my parent's garden, though, so it wouldn't surprise me to find out that their crop were the wimpy little runts of the raspberry world.

Looks like I'm going to have to fix this weird sudden craving for cupcakes. I'll blame you when I'm cringing while doing the walk of shame from the changing rooms to the swimming pool later on today...


Big rasberries... small cupcakes... who cares... they look fantastic!


These look delicious.

But snails... hmm. Why can't we train our cats to catch and eat snails?


Those look delicious - just the sight of the raspberries has got me drooling! What funny little cupcake holders! You could carry quite a tall, fancy cupcake in those.


i think they're regular sized buns, with MASSIVE raspberries on them!


Oh, they look nice! I think I'd prefer that they be really really big raspberries... although I suspect that's not the case. But I'd eat them, regardless :)


They look scrumptious! I sooooo want a heap of cupcake holders - brilliant!


They look like exceedingly large raspberries!


I say the large raspberry. wouldn't be good if raspberries were as large as apples!!!!

we had cupcake day at school today.....oops I'm burning dinner! never blog whilst cooking.


What an ingeneous container. Those cakes look yummy!!


Just looking at the picture makes me drool. They look quite delicious.

tracey petersen

It surprises me that they made it to the park. Does the cup-a-cake holder slow you down enough to eat them more less hastily?


Aren't those cup-a-cakes the coolest? Your cupcakes look awesome -- you must enlighten us as to the answer to your riddle!


I love that the Cup-a-Cake has its own Web site. It's a product that stands by itself. The cupcake themselves are beautiful. I hope everyone admired them lavishly before scarfing them down!


Hmmm. I think there is a law about too small cupcakes...you should check it out...

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