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20 August 2008


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French Knots

Isn't it amazing to catch up with old friends, I recently saw a friend I'd not seen for 20 years, when our lives took us in different directions we lost touch. It's the relationships that matter not the time.


Goodness, that post made me feel rather weepy. Glad you had such a good, thought-provoking day. My little ones are too small for school yet, but this is a helpful way to think about the years to come. Thanks


I so love your index card summer. Such a fab project. I must give it a try one of these days!

And your investment all these years will be more than worth it--I guarantee!

K x


Arhh! You sound quite wistful. It's an unsettling step into the unknown isn't it? School and everything. Someone once said to me that children are forever leaving you once the cord is cut. I've found that in one way that's true. They become little people in their own right which is actually quite lovely. But in another way the bond that you invest so much energy love and time into remains, invisible but still there. You become the comfort blanket they return to when they need to feel safe. Your relationship can build on strong foundations and you should feel reassured by that. Jx


Don't worry you will still have much more of an influence than anyone else in their lives.High school is the place you need to worry about! Oh yes.


have no doubt that those years at home with the children were worth while.

You are such a good mother.

Lil' d

Obviously I don't get to see much of my old friends since moving to the States, but I am always reminded of how good those friendships are when I do get to visit and the conversation flows as if it were just yesterday that we saw each other last. I was homesick for weeks after my last visit.

My son starts kindergarten this September, my daughter starts preschool. Gulp.

Alice C

Don't be sad - your playroom will get such a workout during the evenings, weekends and holidays that the short period between 9 and 3 will just be recovery time. All top playrooms know that this is the way to optimise performance.


i've just had a lovely catch-up with your blog- i loved going through your index cards of summer. a great idea- and something you can look back on in years to come! i feel the days starting to draw in, too.. i'm sad that we're now back to our old routine, but quite contented with it in some ways. welcome, autumn. :)


I'm so glad you had this opportunity to "go back in time" a bit. I think your Index Card summer has been a lovely way to drill down to the essence of things and think mindfully about your experiences.


my playroom is looking forward to some 'me' time too. We only got back today but you'd never guess by the state it is in after only an afternoon of play!!

And aren't friendship amazing? This Sunday we're hosting Mr M's long lost spanish friend, 25 years ago they spend their last summer together and then nothing since... crazy eh?

claire davies

Firstly, just had to say how much I enjoy reading your blog.Thankyou. I am in the same boat! I can't help the "end of an era" feeling. I always thought that I would be looking forward to a lovely time working in my studio, listening to programmes on the radio, without the demands to build another lego house etc. BUT,looking back, I rather enjoyed building lego houses (ok so I hogged all the white and glass brick to make my art deco beach house!)I'm dreading it! Hopefully my daughter will skip into class everyday, just like my son. I hope the same for your boys


Such a thoughtful post. The summers seem to go faster and faster, Dylan enters Year 5 in September, I just cannot believe it and it makes me wistful. Off to play Lego now, got to make the most of it I guess....


I love the friendships where you can just pick up on where you left off. And you and me both on the back to school thing - I have the same sickening, pit-of-stomach feeling of time slipping past that I used to have when I was at school. It is very strange to be feeling it again.


It is a strange time of the year, isn't it. We;re all so conscious of the holidays ending and one eye on the new term, a very bittersweet time. I get very wistful in these last few weeks, it feels as if the holidays are ending for all of us. Take care


I love your Index Card Summer - such a wonderful way to remember all the little moments.

Your time with your friend sounds perfect. Friendships like those are so precious :)

I could do with another week or two before school and work start again! It's such a treat to get up slowly and not to have to rush the children all the time.
My baby girl goes up to junior school next week and I'm not so sure I'm ready for that!!


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