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06 August 2008


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Its Tasteful and calm. When our son was 16 he decided to do his own makeover..acid yellow walls with purple woodwork...and dog paw prints stencilled all over the walls.
I am so glad its gone now. Plain flat white is wonderful!


That is way cool! The moon is amazing and I especially love the gigantic goldfish in the foreground! :)


oh my goodness that light is just amazing! I can't get over how cool it is. what a good mom you are.


I've wanted to buy that map for a while. I keep thinking it would look great in Squidge's room AND AND AND I had that very same moon light in my hands the last time I was at Habitat. Weird, isn't it!


WOW WOW WOW!!!! I thought that map was the coolest thing ever... and then I saw the light fitting! I adore that! I would love to have the moon in my bedroom.
You are such a lovely mummy, Ali.

Lil' d

What a great mum you are. That light is really cool.

As for that map, I love it. My 3 inch plastic globe just doesn't compare...


You're awesome.

(And I actually kind of like that touch of red on the bedspread.)


Looks like a super-neat paint job. And I love the map! You could stick little map pins in all the places you've been or perhaps in all the places where you have friends or relatives. I've always wanted to do that :) K


Gorgeous!! Such a nice room for a little boy and like you, I especially like that light. I might have to take a trip to habitat myself!!


It looks great and so grown up.I bet he loves it.We had a huge map in our playroom for years and the girls learnt so much.It sparked so many conversations and impromtu research.By us all! I just bought a smaller one to put back up.I love that IKEA canvas too.I have a space just need to convince hubby!


Stealing ideas , stealing ideas - I am singing this you know! With a casual little hum as I cheerfully steal!

Oh bugger. We don't have a Habitat.


Ali you are amazing! Mind you I think we only get these thing done when we have screaming deadlines. It's a really great looking room and I bet he loves it.


I looked high and low for a map like that but never saw one at Ikea...LOVE IT!


Cool room and that's a really neat lamp. I love maps and the idea to use it as a focus point in the room is a great idea.


I love your boys room...the map is perfect. We don't have that in our Ikea, I hope it comes one day.

I have just finished decorating my little boy's room and loved the process. Although I too had crazy painting experiences. The things we do.


That moon is amazing! What a fabulous idea. The whole room looks calm and orderly. Hope he continues to keep it picked up! :)


A lovely room that should last him for years. Hope the tidiness lasts! Bit depressed to see what you said about borders as both of my boys' rooms have very wide Laura Ashley borders stuck right round the walls...


whoa, that looks amazing! i think the curtains look good with it (at least from way back here), and that moon lamp is beyond cool.


I was thinking it looked rather tidy with it being summer hols too!

Love the map.

Feather Nester

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you got it all done in time! Amazing.

I love the map, it is perfect there. And I agree with you about the gingham, though I really love the denim.

And that light is AWESOME! What a lucky kid.


Seen you about and I thought I'd drop in.

Mr Pebble would adore that fab moon light - he's a bit of an astronomy nerd. Excellent DIY there - the room looks great. Fab map too. I'll be back!


The new make-up of the room looks great and I would also be trying to keep it tidy (and fail) because it is so beautiful.


your map is way awesomer than mine.

and that is one hella big goldfish. yikes.


I love it, especially the map!


The map is a great feature. Make the most of the tidy phase, long may it last.

tracey petersen

the light is amazing. It really looks like the moon hanging on a string.


Ahh! Ali that's a wonderful grown up room for a growing up boy, good job!


we have the habitat moon light as well :-) buzz alridge wanted it to revolve as well (he was the "designer") but habitat said it would be too expensive what a shame!!!
the room looks fab and is that map really from ikea?! i must go and do some browsing immediately!
well done :-) Lesley x


The canvas Ikea map and light are awesome. The pale blue chambray bed linen would look wonderful in this room. What a great job you've done on your son's room--and it's nice to hear that he appreciates your efforts.


The room looks amazing--I want the moon and the map in my room!


What a fab room Ali and I'm in awe that you did that before you went to NY!!!

I love the light shade and the map is fab - I could quite happily have that in my room :)



Fab room! Mr.M wants that map too! See, they NEVER really grow up!


The map looks fab, and I love the moon. I'd have both things in my room, let alone a boy's bedroom!
Cathy X


What fantastic ideas! I love the map idea.


That moon pendant is absolutely awesome. I'd love one in my room, never mind the boy...


I too have experienced the joys of removing a frieze attached with wallpaper to a wall - there was much swearing involved! The room looks fantastic - I adore that moon lamp - the perfect finishing touch.


that is exactly what I want for my little guys room. please tell me the map is from this season!

Angel Jem

Love the map and the moon.... is it still tidy now (two months on?)

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