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14 August 2008


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Those pesky snails must have been waiting for you to go away - I can just imagine a wild snail party going on in your veg patch! Hope you manage to fend them off from now on. Good luck with that laundry mountain and welcome back - we're always pleased to see you no matter how rude you may think you are!


the sods! an invasion of hedgehogs is just what's needed, we'll see which animal group has a party then!


They say the trick for snails is a saucer of beer, that the little sots go for it every time. I don't know whether this is true or not, but a garden of drunk snails has got to be more fun than a garden of sober slugs. I will wave to you from a mountain of laundry across the continents--I have a swiss alps' worth on bed as I write. --Frances


Tell those snails that if they don't quit eating your veges they may end up embalmed in garlic and butter.

tracey petersen

Are hedgehogs the natural enemy of snails? I did not know that.

Snails are certainly the natural enemy of your garden, though!


I thought our slugs and snails were bad but yours are something else! K x

Julia Y

Snails, slugs argh! hate, hate, hate them. I try and encourage the hedgehogs into the garden and we even get visits from a song thrush but can they keep up with the little blighters. No! So, at the moment all the plants that are currently residing in pots (including carrots) are sitting on patio chairs. (People have to stand.) So, until slugs and snail learn to fly or abseil maybe my precious greenery will be safe.... ummmm.


snails are the enemy! how dare they feast in your absence...let's hope karma comes to kick them up their slimy behinds : )
glad you are back at full speed by the way...it's impossible to remember the dark days of dial up until it all goes wrong! so i totally understand your twitchiness! x


Filthy snails and filthier slugs destroyed my marigolds. Of course, the surrounding weeds are all looking lush and untouched...I'm poisoning them with saucers full of cheap American beer...

Lil' d

I don't dare look at my garden. I've been hiding inside with the air conditioning on. It's too darn hot to work on it. The snails are having a blast...

Alice C

I think they were teenage slugs having a rave. You were lucky they got distracted in the garden - think of the damage they could have done in the house


Oh my they didn't just have a little nibble they really, really liked it. Were they possibly related to the 3inch slug that I found in my veg patch this week under all the weeds?


Oh, snails are evil! Slugs too. I once woke up to find my entire lettuce patch demolished overnight. Literally. I was not happy...


I did. I thought you were exaggerating. But I'm looking and I see you are RIGHT. Sheesh.

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