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04 August 2008


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So glad you had a great trip and made it back safe and sound. I love New York, too, but am always happy to get back to the quieter streets of my neighborhood. Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures!


don't s'pose there's any air miles left over is there? i could do with such a trip right now... looks like you had a good time, i am exceedingly jealous xx


Ooooh, you've got me all excited for my trip in November! Glad to hear you had a fantastic time.


Looks like a wonderful time was had!! I love New York = it really is one in a million!!


man, i totally want to go to new york!

(and your book looks like my san francisco book!)

Alice C

Heh! I always KNEW that I was a style guru and that I could spot a style trend months ahead.

I am thrilled that you had such a great break - I bet those boys had some huge hugs lined up for you when you got back.


Wow that went fast! It sounds like you had a fantastic time but that you felt like I always do when I get back to the mountains having been in Sydney!


Lucky lucky lucky.
(Jealous jealous jealous)


I need a cup-a-cake. I totally do.


- seems like a perfect visit!


I love to visit NY city too! I haven't been in years now either. But on my trip home to the US this spring I was like a mad lunatic in the fabric stores! I felt like a wealthy oil sheik for a few short weeks. It is a blast buying fabrics at 1/3 or less of the price I pay here in Norway!

I am positively drooling over your stack of Japanese craft books. I have a terrible addiction to these now and I fear I will soon spend our last penny ordering a huge stack of these from amazon.jp.



Ooo...WOW a girl in new york alone with a credit card...to die for! I'm glad you had a nice trip, but really there is no place like home! I am feeling terribly guilty, I am your crafty cupcake & tea swapper and I am
1. late... extremely late
2. I'm feeling like I emailed you earlier but I don't think I have {ya see of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most}
3. I had most of you goodies made earlier last week but my family has been *bugged* by a terrible stomach bug, one child to the next over the last few weeks...then mommy and daddy...good times!

So I am truly sorry for my lack of urgency...lack of respect and lack of communication. I have added an extra goodie {some of my yummie handmade sparkly, Summer Sun~kissed scented lotion, say that 3 times fast} to make the experience a little less *stinky*

I will be off to the post later today, soon it'll be well on it's way...I will post pics on my flickr later today
{http://www.flickr.com/photos/rowanwillow/} and on the Cupcake & Tea Swap group, so if you are feeling like you wanna peek, go ahead...I hope you like everything!

Rowan Willow {artist/alter ego}
aka Tiffany



wow, such wonderful pics!! Its been eons since i've been there but I'll be going back next month to see my brother...
my dad says the best thing about going on trips is coming back home!

Lil' d

It sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm not sure I could handle all that great shopping, though. I found a new local fabric store today, which had a wide selection of fabrics. My knees actually felt a little shaky, I was so happy. Goodness knows what I'd be like in NYC...

Lucy @ Attic24

Welcome back Ali, you were missed, although lovely to see your boys step into teh blog-breach while you were gone.
I feel overwhelmed by ciies too, one day in London twice a year for the Country Living shows is all I'm capable of. New York would floor me.
But glad you had fun


Sounds like you had a super time in NYC! I brought back a Cup-a-Cake container after my last visit home, too. And I can completely sympathize with the fabric thing: impossible to resist but sure weighs down the suitcase! K x


Sounds like a fab trip! And sometimes you don't know just how great home is until you've been away and come back... I don't do cities these days (though I'm sure I could do NY for a few!!)


Wow, what a great trip and lovely photos!! So glad you had a fab time and are back safe and sound.

Those Japanese craft books look particularly interesting. I hope we get to see more of them :)

Your hubby did a grand job of standing in for you and I hope he gets over the shock of the credit card bill very soon!!



I can't wait to see you and hear-see all first hand!

Has your mum survived the trip too?


looks like a great trip and you fit so much in...welcome back!


it must have been an overwhelming trip! I wouldn't know where to start if I went there. thanks for sharing such an envious trip. My sister is on her way home from NY...via Colarado, via NZ! Can't wai to hear what she thought.


Sounds like a wonderful trip! Lucky you. I would love to go to New York one day - the fabric shopping is a real draw as much as the sightseeing!


i'm so happy you had fun! welcome home.


welcome home! glad you had a fun adventure! i'd really love to go there one day too. hope you feet are in a bowl of warm soapy stuff as you look through those great new books! xx


I'm so glad you had a great trip!

I live a mere 20 minutes away from the nearest Anthropologie--which is much too close for my own good!


I'm so glad you had a good time in NY and look at all the treasures you brought home with you. Your husband did a great job as a guest blogger, now you have a tried-and-true backup blogger plan.


It's good to hear you enjoyed you little jaunt. It always helps us to see what we've got back home. Some great photos, really makes me wish I'd gone on the art trip and seen it for myself. Definitely don't leave it 32 years. Just long enough to bring the credit card back to full health.


Great pictures Ali - it sounds like you had a well deserved, wonderful time even if your bank balance may not immediately agree! Hope your feet are rested and you're enjoying being back with your lovely boys x


Glad you enjoyed it! Maybe one day I'll get brave enough to make it to the big city. I'm not a city girl at all!!

miss chris

Looks like it was a wonderful time. I'm a small scale person myself, but it good to get out and experience the other side a bit! Welcome home... xoxo


oh, I totally need to take a road trip to New york...just to get craft books at Kinokuniya. SO COOL :)I'm so happy that you had a good time!


Oh my goodness, I am so behind here, the holidays are so interfering with my on-line time! Your trip sounds amazing, what a lovely spur of the moment thing to do, an excellent use of air miles.


Wow looks great and looks like you had a great time

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