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26 August 2008


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This is great!

Hmmm. That is a good question. I should learn something new in September. Now you have my wheels turning. Thanks;)


I just received that book too - it is fantastic!


I have yet to attempt to make my own book. But my love for paper has me wanting to try it out!


Hmmmmmmm....I have been thinking about learning to knit....


I'm bit obsessed with textile printing so I'm sure I'll do some of that. I've always enjoyed book making and haven't done any for a bit so I may add that to the docket. Yours look great. I love that photo on your stab bound book.


You will love book making... I love book making! But I'm hoping to enroll on some life drawing classes.


Ooh I feel the same way about September. I bought hot courses so I could leaf through. I'm so far tempted by book binding like you (it's been at the back of my mind for a while) or possibly a musical instrument, or possibly taking a writing class, which is not to learn something new, but I could do with the weekly deadline.

I'm very excited by the prospect of a new pencil case too :)


A little of the green eyed monster here...no bookbinding classes anyway near me, otherwise I'd be there like a shot. Have fun!

janet clare

I have always felt September to be more 'new year-y' than January. It really is a new beginning, an opportunity to start over and to learn as you say.

What will I learn? I have to learn some more computer skills, so that I can publish my own web pages and not have to nag and beg my husband to do them for me!


A routine for the tiniest pebble! Oh, and baby rice.

Beautiful hand-made books. Is that you in the woods? It looks like a lady from the Toast catalogue!

tracey petersen

So lovely - if only I didn't have to sleep I could fit all crafts into my day.


I will be trying to get off this laptop and get on with some sewing. Lovely book.


That book is goooooorgeous!! Lucky you. I must say Spring is a time for new beginnings too but I have so much on my plate at the moment I think I might just enjoy the warmer weather!


I think I'll be trying to keep the house clean. That would certainly be something new! And if our current school situation doesn't miraculously right itself, I may be trying homeschooling. It could be a big month!


What a lovely and thoughtful gift from Sarah. Your own bookbinding projects look quite nice, too. It is fun to learn new things. My new project as of two days ago is starting a Dear Jane quilt of my very own. This is definitely a learning curve as I don't even know how to quilt, but I have all the requisite tools, book, tips, and CD and I've made 5 blocks already.


I always feel ready to try something new in September too. I really miss being younger and able to start anew every school year... K x


You can stalk me all you like, it's a pleasure :) Although I think your books look great, you'll be top of the class (and I'm worried that you'll learn that I'm not all that clever at all, just had a bit of practice!)

It's already back to school for me, the students all started back this week, all fresh faced and enthusiastic, I can't beleive the summer is over already! If I had time I'd go back to my ceramics class, I miss that now I don't have time... maybe one day!

Can't wait to see the books you make, I might be asking you for tips!


I always have a bucket load of stuff that i want to do. I also have the book on how to make books and i LOVE it. So far all i do is entertain olivers friends by folding up pieces of paper and making a book of four pages. anyway i want to
Learn to knit socks
start writing again
get better at yoga and practise more than twice a week
get my guitar re-strung
try and sneak a piano into the hosue without hubby noticing


i'll be signed up for an exploratory sewing class (boldly going where no seamstress has been before); the class is supposed to focus on creatively using one's sewing machine...hmmm...

The List Writer (Nancy)

I've signed up to the Make an A Line Skirt course at The Make Lounge in Islington in September. About which I am ridiculously excited.

I occasionally have a go at making a skirt but it is a process filled with terror and irritation, so I thought a proper taught course would be good for me.

Then I'm going on a fancy knicker making course at the smae place in November...with my two lovely sisters-in-law for company. Ooo-er.


ah yes September is the beginning... my mission is to put the house in order. Some repainting, curtains, lots of quilt ideas...

And I'll be teaching knitting/crochet to Yr 3 in the boys' school... does that count for something new?

Karen J

I would like to learn how to have my own personal space again - instead of having a child, literally, at each elbow!!
I know what you mean about September - amazing how those associations from our childhood linger on!
You've got me thinking now - I think, rather than learning a new skill, I'd like to learn how to balance my time better, so I can indulge in the things I already know. Could take more than just September!!!!


i love the book from sarah- and the ones that you made! i'd love to know how to book-bind.


Ah! New skills. Not sure if you've read my latest post? I have just completed a day workshop in book binding, great fun. The tutor is running a 3day workshop 'Printing with a difference' in October and I am really tempted. But like yourself I have the book binding bug and want to know more.

painted fish studio

hooray for you! bookmaking is so fun! i just love it, and get a little tingle when others find it amazing and want to learn more. new skills? i'm working on improving my knitting this fall.

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