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21 July 2008


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Sounds magical, Ali. Have a great time!


Beautifully written!

Enjoy your summer and may your intentions be fulfilled.

Lil' d

Ok, you're making me feel really guilty for camping out indoors with the air conditioning on, wishing for winter.


How lovely. I hope the holidays deliver all you are hoping for.
We've just had two weeks of holidays here (Melbourne) where it was cold, wet and horrible for 14 days straight. First day the kids go back to school and its beautiful and sunny. *sigh*


Lovely! K x


Love those little grubby feet! Enjoy your summer - happy days!

tracey petersen

I agree with you. Babies are beautiful, but the older my kids get, the more enjoyment I get from them.


Lovely! Hope you have a fantastic Summer. I for one am looking forward to an end to my the endless 'have you finished your drink yet?' on school mornings. I honestly get fed up of the sound of my own voice! Here's to a lovely laid back holiday :D


I was thinking that at 9am yesterday morning, and was having second thoughts at 10.48!


I can't wait for monday.Our first official day of no lie-ins.I think we are in practice this week.We've already been late for school twice! Oh well the reports are already done for this year!
I love it when the kids can play all day get filthy and fall into bed happy.No need to worry about baths before bed as there's plenty of time in the morning.Just getting the most out of every daylight hour and even sometimes the dusklight.Oh I can hardly wait.I think we are going to have a few adventures this year too.Well we will need some postcard fodder won't we!


I meant our first official day of lie-ins obviously.I'm just a little giddy!


It's nearly 12pm and we're all still in pj's - says it all really!
Enjoy the hols, let's hope the sun shines!
Julia x


Wishing you a lovely summery summer building some good memories Ali.



Ours starts in an hour and a half - I can't WAIT!

French Knots

Mine break up on Thursday, just to be able to have a slow start to the day will be lovely - no deadline to rush for.
Enjoy your summer!


Oh, how I envy you. I hope someday my kids will be similar. At their age the best thing for them to have is a wonderfully structured day. Well, I am looking forward to our vacation time but doing things on your own, just being there and being lazy really appeals to me right now. Especially after reading this!


What a lovely post. I love what you said: "To take pleasure in each other's company." Perfect!


I hope you have a wonderful summer with your boys. We have just one more day to go and then HOORAY...long and lazy get-ups for six fabulous weeks!!



Have a fantastic summer. My two finish at lunchtime today - I can't wait! x


You describe it so well Ali. Enjoy the break!


Enjoy your summer hols


great photograph ali! and wonderful thoughts too...long may your summer last and be full of lovely moments together! x


How lovely. I bet your shoulders are a few inches lower now that school's out. Hope you all have a fabulous summer.


Sounds like you have a lovely summer planned :) Hope you have a great time!

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