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26 July 2008


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Oh wow Ali - how exciting!!! What a lovely husband you have there :)

I can't offer any advice but I feel very very excited for you if that's any help!!!



No, I can't help with advice either but only listen enviously to your tales once you return! Enjoy yourself!


Buy some cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery they're yummy!


I love New York!! It's such an exciting place! Last time I stayed at the Washington Square Hotel, right in SoHo! Places to visit - if you have a day Ellis Island is really worth a visit. Take a Semi Circle Line Cruise - it's fun to sail round Manhattan for a couple of hours and it gets you close to the Statue of Liberty. If you visit only one Museum I would choose MOMA - it is just amazing! But if you have time the Met is also amazing! Walk through Central Park, go up the Empire State Building etc. As for shops - make sure you see Anthropology on Broadway...then there are the knitting/sewing shops - try Purl Fabric and Purl Yarn and Knit New York. Food is just fantastic - visit Chinatown and Little Italy - make sure you do takeaway lunch from one of the many corner store/delis - delicious Chinese food at a great price! I also loved Kates Paperie, some great shoe stores in Soho.

I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

janet clare

You jammy toad!! And to think I was pleased my husband's taken the boys camping for one night...

You'll have a fantastic time I'm sure.

Lil' d

Oh, wow - lucky you.

Hmm, when I was left carless, my husband's solution was to buy me a bike pump to pump up my decrepit bike's tyres...

Have fun!


NY, NY so good they named it twice. Lucky, lucky you. Would love to be able to tell you where to go and stay, but haven't been. Almost made it with an art trip but moved to NZ instead. Have the most wonderful time. Enjoy every moment and it's not the credit card that should be afraid but NY. You're coming to get them.


Wow, lucky, lucky you!! It's been years since I've been and we stayed with friends. But Di above has recommended some great things to do!! Enjoy and happy shopping!


Ali! How amazing! What a great idea of hubby's - enjoy every second. Spend lots.


I'm sure you will love it.Make sure you visit Tinsel Trading and The Shop Across The Road.Anthropologie at Rockefellar Centre. Then there is Kinokuniya near Bryant Park.More Japanese craft books than you could possibly imagine.Heaven.
Check out my posts to see others places http://vintagepleasure.typepad.com/vintage_pleasure/2008/02/index.html Have a look at the comments I got too with recommendations. http://vintagepleasure.typepad.com/vintage_pleasure/2008/01/pressies.html#comments


Oh, lucky you! Have a great time


That is so exciting!!! Jane Brocket has also sorts of interesting information about New York in "The Art of Domesticity"... where to get fabric, yarn and cakes... what else do you need to know!


No advice here sorry, never been so very envious of you all those lovely shops!. Have a great time and take lots of photos to show us all.


Wow, it will be so great!!

Take a look at this:


I was in NYC last year and these tips were very useful.

Have fun!


Oh my word! How amazing is that? I hope you have the most fantabulous time, and can't wait to see all the shopping you bring home, because as we all know craft stuff is much cheaper over there!

I've never been, so can't pass on any advice. Sorry.



ali! how fun! last time fatty and i went, we stayed at the bowery hotel and loved it.
i think everyone just about covered my recommendations - tender buttons and m&j trim are pretty amazing. my faves are purl patchwork and the japanese bookstore. there is one at rockefeller place, across the way from anthropologie.
enjoy yourself!


Agree with quite a few of the suggestions above, particularly MOMA for museum-going and Purl and Purl Patchwork for crafty shopping. For practical shopping, I'd recommend J. Crew (clothes) and Williams-Sonoma (kitchenware). Jane Brocket also has a list on her blog of New York recommendations. Please let me know if you'd like me to forward it (stored on my other computer!). Do you think you could fit me in your suitcase? K :)


Ali, you're one lucky girl! Nothing I can add that hasn't been said already....I was going to say the suggestions in the back of THe Gentle Art of Domesticity, too. And Purl Soho, of course. It's about nine years since I've been and my interests have changed. I do remember enjoying lingering in Dean and Deluca at their original store, 560 Broadway - fabulous coffee, and all things foody.


Hope you have a really great time, I'm not envious at all :-)
lisa x


We will welcome you with open arms! Enjoy.


Ooooh. Oooooooooh. You lucky thing.

Right next to the Purl shops is a nice cafe called Once Upon a Tart for coffee and very nice sandwiches and cakes. Dean and Deluca is also good for takeaway coffee and other tasty things.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and stop into the River cafe for a drink or lunch with a view of Manhattan. Or try Grimaldis Pizza instead. And Zabar's for knish! (Many of my suggestions are about food..hmmm)

Last time we stayed at the Hotel Giraffe, which was lovely, but before we've always stayed at one of the Affina hotels - they have large rooms with kitchenettes, so you can make a good pot of coffee. Also handy if the jet lag is too much and you want to eat in and crash out early.

Alice C

I am thrilled for you - what amazing fun.

I believe that Tuvalu is surprisingly close to NY. You may be able to persuade Blackbird to offer personal shopping advice or at least tell you where to buy a great coffee.


That's fantastic news - you will love it! MOMA is amazing, not to be missed and rather than queue at the Empire State, go to Top of the Rock (at the Rockerfeller Centre) and skip the queues for the best view in town...

You'll have a ball


Wow, have a fabulous time!


Oh Ali how fantastic - the big department stores just to marvel, FAO Schwarz for the same reason and one of my favourite things - having a drink in the Oak Bar at the Plaza Hotel in honour of one of my favourite little girls - Eloise!

have a wonderful time!


I can give no advice other than, enjoy yourself, have fun and think of us!! Seriously, what a wonderful opportunity, have a fantastic time


oh, no fair. My sister is there at the moment. It is meant to be HOT HOT HOT.


hey the Waldorf is meant to be OK!!!!!


oh, no fair. My sister is there at the moment. It is meant to be HOT HOT HOT.


hey the Waldorf is meant to be OK!!!!!

Junie Moon

Pat at Mille Fiori Favoriti blog (http://millefiorifavoriti.blogspot.com/) writes a lot of wonderful posts about NY full of detail--it's like a travel magazine with all kinds of information we wouldn't normally know about it if we don't live there. If I go to NY, Pat is who I'd consult in heartbeat. If you have a chance, go through her blog and you'll find resources galore.


how exciting. What a lovely husband!

The last time I was there was a very short weekend visit with hubs and we saw Wicked, which was wonderful.... and did some fun shopping... but it was November, raining and very very cold. We spent most of it indoors, sipping coffee, wishing it were September!

Enjoy your visit. You have had some superb suggestions. xoxo


Take the Staten Island Ferry instead of the Circle Line--it's free! One time I took my dad on it and there was a "Hillbilly Wedding" (their words) taking place--a real wedding with people in purple western suits, cowboy hats, etc. and someone playing a purple accordion. ONLY IN NY!

Also, treat yourself to a dinner at the Union Square Cafe--my favorite restaurant in the world, so far. Casually elegant, unbelievably good food and really nice service.

If you're like me, you enjoy going to regional supermarkets when you travel. Try Fairway in Harlem. Very very cool.

Rachael Rabbit

Visit the City Quilter for a huge array of wonderful fabrics. And at the moment you will have to take a boat trip and visit the waterfalls by Olafur Eliasson http://www.nycwaterfalls.org/ not to mention all the other wonderful things the city has on offer!


Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! I so wish I were going to be there that week -- I'd love to blog meet! You've received some excellent advice. When I first started going, I found the directory at disdressed to be invaluable. Also, Erin mentioned that the japanese bookstore is near Rockefeller Plaza -- it's now moved and is across the street from Bryant Park -- well worth the visit! My favs are Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Tinsel Trading, MJ Trim, the Purls and of course Magnolia! (Also, for good cheap trims, Daytona is not to be missed and Gray Line Linen is nearby too if you want linens!) So much to see, so little time!


I live in the states but have never been there. So no advise on where to go. But don't forget your camera. We want to see all the great places you find.

PS: If you take two credit cards, the one won't be so scared...lol

Have a fun and safe trip.


Ooh lucky you. I would definately recommend a walk around SoHo to soak up the atmosphere and see the lovely old buildings. Grey Line Linen a must and all the trimmings shops like MJ are good. I found Kinokuniya a huge disappointment - maybe it was the time I went!

Otherwise I'd just say walk around, keep walking - you'll have a great time.


What a turn-up for the books - a trip to NY definitely beats decorating! I'd recommend a trip to Dean & Deluca deli in Soho and a visit to the MOMA & the Metropolitan Museum. But then wherever you go, it will be incredible. I can feel your credit card quaking in your purse from here! Can't wait to read all about it and see what goodies you bring back. Have a fantabulous time!

The List Writer

Gosh - how exciting! My only advice is to make double sure you pack your camera and enjoy yourself. I'm sure you'll do both.

Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Julie Nelson Rhodes

Oh, how wonderful - all the tips make me want to pack my bags too ... we have always stayed at the Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich Village when we've gone - great location ... http://www.wshotel.com/about.shtml

Have a wonderful time!


I know very little about new York (except that I would love to go) and I'm wracking my brains trying to remember whose blog had some lovely pictures of a button shop, but my main advice would be, if someone leaves a comment here saying 'You can come and stay at MY house.' DON'T!


hi Ali it's been so long since i visited your blog (or any for that matter) as we have 5 month old twin boys! Along with their 4 year old big brother i barely have time to breath but I checked in at the perfect time! I live in Brooklyn right across the bridge so if you do walk across (as somemone suggested earlier) i can introduce you to our new little guys and treat you to an cone from the Brooklyn ice cream shop. There is also a pop up park where you can view all of the waterfalls. I know you will have a blast shopping at all of the crafty spots. btw - abc carpet is one of my favorite inspirational spots...


Bon Voyage!

I am soooo envious!

Karen Julke

I don't get much computer time at the beginning of the week so probably too late with hotel recommendation but I stayed at Hotel Thirty Thirty (30 East 30th Street) which is about five mins south of the Empire State Building. Not too expensive but clean and it felt very safe ( I was just with a girlfriend so that was important to us!) I'm going to have to go again now I've read about all these wonderful shops I didn't know about when I went. Did go to Purl, though, beautiful shops!!! My only other suggestion is to go to the Container Store at 58th and Lexington. I often find craftiness and love of organising in pretty things go together and this place is great! We went on our last morning and I had to repack my case in the hotel lobby to get all my goodies in! We were there just before Christmas so, as well as the usual, it was full of tins and bags and boxes for packing cookies or whatever in for pressies. Not sure what you'd have now but it's bound to be lovely! Also spent alot of time and money in Barnes & Noble!!
Have a great time, soooo jealous - tell me all about it in August!


I'm so excited for you! I live a mere 45 minutes outside of New York City and I never get to spend time there by myself! Everyone's given you lovely recommendations--I would just add ABC Carpet, which is expensive but fun to look around in. It also has several restaurants in it--including Le Pain Quotidien which is lovely to eat at by yourself.

Take my e-mail address with you in case you get in a bind--I'll be happy to give you my phone number if you e-mail--and I'll surely help you out!

Have fun!


Oh Ali, I have been green with envy reading this and then seeing the pictures of your trip...So pleased that you had a lovely time - did you get to go to Purl Soho? That would be my first destination.

I was in the Isle of Wight while you were in New York...I think I may have made a terrible mistake when booking it (even though we did have a fantastic time...but it was a holiday lacking in shopping!). x


Better late than never..and I know you've been now, but I found the blog post about NY and thought you might like to compare notes! Its here:

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