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24 July 2008


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Fancy..I've been blogging all this time (well..it seems like a long time)and only just found yours through Gina. And while I've been reading you've gone ad done another post.
I have enjoyed myself!


Those look awesome. I just tried filo dough for the first time myself recently and was surprised by how relatively easy it was. Thanks for sharing!


I have to plan a picnic tout de suite so I can make those delicious-looking filo pastry packets! Thanks for sharing them!


Yum! I will have to try those.

I don't know what the etiquette is for recipe sharing, either - you've credited it, so I wouldn't think it's a problem. If it is, then I'm guilty, too! I've just typed up recipes on my blog (with credit).


Gosh I have used a zillion packets of filo as it is much better for you and super easy to use. I make all my quiche's with it. Being married to a Greek I have also discovered the joys of those triangles and we make lovely herb and ricotta ones, spinach and feta and the yummiest mushroom ones. Let me know if you want any more recipes. Must try your (Sainsbury's) one - it sounds delish!!


OMG Ali - they sound gorgeous - so making these!


They sound delicious but I think I'd be the only one eating them, my two go into "yuck" overdrive if they get even a glimpse of dried fruit! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Julia x


Those look delicious! I think I've got some filo pastry stuffed in the bottom of the freezer! I feel a sainsbury's trip coming on! :)

Julia Y


Thanks for the recipe - picnics are the order of the day for us when the sun's shinning. Might even get my children to make them.... but how edible would they be Ummmm! Maybe I'll make them.


Fine, if you say that working with filo pastry is really very simple I might try it...because it looks so good...and it will be perfect for this weekend picnic :)


Sound like just the thing to go with lashings of ginger beer!

Junie Moon

This recipe sounds and looks delicious. I've been reading about phyllo dough lately and wondering what to do with it. And here you are offering something I can try. Since I don't have access to that paper, I really appreciate your sharing the recipe.


Yuuuuuum. Definitely on our make list for the summer.

As for etiquette, I suspect it may be a breach of copyright, but I am equally guilty. I think a link is good if there is one but if not ... as long as you're crediting and not lifting the text directly, or quoting all the recipes from a book then I doubt anyone is going to come after you with a chef's knife ;-)


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... yummy! x

Lil' d

I think I'm going to have to take my kids out for a picnic next week. There's little to no chance that grouchy husband will want to come. He probably would if I could make things like that, but I got lost at sweat. I didn't know onions sweat. It probably doesn't involve a treadmill, I'm guessing.


They sound really yummy


They look yummy and so perfect for picnics. I lack imagination with picnic food so it would be nice to surprise everyone with some of those!!


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