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31 July 2008


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sounds like you guys have had enough car troubles. however, if i knew a kaput car meant a trip to nyc then i might have to find our wrench...


Sounds like an adventure! Good to have a post from you.


hello! nice posting + a new mini? smiles ahoy indeed! glad you boys are all having fun whilst ali has hers in ny : )

Alice C

Glad to meet you - wishing you happy times rather than strife in the North.

I suspect that fab picture will make Ali want to jump on the plane home because the shops in NYC are good but they don't make you feel as great as a smile like that.


Welcome to the Blogosphere, Mr Ali. A new mini sounds fabulous, as does the trip to New York - are you sure Ali didn't tamper with the car?! That's a wonderful picture of Mark. :-)


Guest posts.......that sounds like a good idea! I wonder who I can get to write my blog for me????

Sorry to hear all about your cars - mine is currently having major surgery!

Hope the trip is fun!


Cars and boats now all you need are trains to make it a proper boys adventure!


Well that lovely face says it all!! A fun time had by everyone it seems.


Mmmmm coolant, a good summer treat. Love the picture.


Lovely post, and how lovely to see Mark feeling so pleased with himself. Sorry to hear the car woes - I'm rather hoping ours makes it to the next service without incident as I doubt I'd wangle a trip to NYC out of a dead car ...

PS Does Ali know you're pretending to be her?! ;-)


Ooh hello Mr Domestic!

Lovely photo of the boy. Regards to Ali!! Thanks for keeping the blog warm for us.


Hello Ali's hubby - how nice of you to post!
That is a lovely picture.


You've done a fine job as guest blogger for Ali. As one of her friends, I feel it incumbent upon me to point out something. You said she might be "happily abusing the credit card". I'm sure she's happy indeed on her NY mission, but she's "celebrating" the credit card, not abusing the poor thing. (I hope you know I'm just teasing you.) Anyway, Mark looks like quite a little boater there and I'm sure he enjoyed his adventure on the water.


Hello Mr Ali - seems like you're holding the fort pretty well there and it certainly looks like Mark's having a fab time.

I hope Ali is having a great time with the credit card :)


Lil' d

I want a mini. And a trip to New York, for that matter. Instead we've visited the meachanic twice this last month.


Nice title Mr Domesticali. Hope you are having a good time, cars not withstanding, and not worrying about the credit card too much!


Sorry to hear about the cars. I'm envious of the mini, I would love one of those. Have a great weekend


Great job. Sorry to hear of the car troubles though. Still you boys would see all that as just part of the fun, apart from the expense side. Have fun.


Nice to meet you Mr Domesticali. Great picture of your little rower... never to early to train them... those 2012 Olympic Games will be here before we know it!

I suspect my husband will want to start his posting soon too... I might not tell him though!


Great blog Dad - I hope you realise that having looked after the kids so well, financed your wife's buying spree and survived without her, this could be the start of a whole series of "I want it and I want it NOW!"
Happy landings.


Sigh. A new mini, how fabulous. Is it a clubman? or a 'normal'? either way, you will love it I'm sure. I have just departed from Henrietta, my black Cooper (Cooper, Henry, Henrietta, geddit? All cars have to have girls names, it's the law...) as she was a company car. I miss her so, she was the best car I ever had. Enjoy your new one on my behalf!


what a mighty rower indeed :o)


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