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13 July 2008


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OOoh, I didn't realise the book was out yet! I am quite sure your afternoon tea will be fab; would you like a recipe for jam tarts ? ;-)


I can't be the only blogger who bought The Telegraph yesterday to read the interview with Jane Brocket in the Magazine....plus recipes! And you will LOVE The Summer Book. Guaranteed.


How gorgeous is the cover of this book!


How much do you love your job?! I will be within reach of Abingdon...in December alas! Save a bun for me won't you?


Lovely cover - I think I would go broke working in a bookstore!


What a lovely looking book! It makes me feel so very domestic, just looking at it.


The afternoon tea sounds like fun! I am sad that i can't get there!

Oh, I should have thought of suggesting the Summer Book - it really is a beautiful read! So well written and perfect characterisation!


I was just formulating a plan for a trip to Abingdon when I realised we'll be in darkest Cornwall on that say!!

The new book looks lovely - are you going to do a book review for us....please:)



Oh how lucky are you!!! It looks like a lovely book too. I so understand the feeling of opening the boxes. Every week some new and gorgeous fabrics arrive - too much temptation for a girl really.

suzie sews

I used to work in Abingdon, I live quite away now, but oh you made me want to still be there...


i didn't realise you worked in a book shop!! i'm feeling more than a little green eyed : ) what a joyful job that must be. x


What a beautiful book...adding it to my wishlist RIGHT NOW! The library can't get it soon enough!

French Knots

Saldy too far away to make it but I'll eat some sticky buns in honour of the occasion!
Working in a book shop must be a wonderful temptation - I'm sure most of my wages would end up in the till!


Well Abingdon sounds splendid, books, embroidery, wool and you! I hope I have the opportunity to pass though one day.


How envious of you I am what with working in a bookshop and getting to see all those wonderful new books come in and also getting to be there on the days like when Jane Brocket is coming in with all those lovely cakes and the like!. I saw the article on her in the Telegraph this weekend and the pictures of all those cakes and homemade lemonade just took me back to all those Enid Blyton books.


I will be in reach of Abingdon . . . in Virginia, though. So sad.


Oh I wish I could go! I'd love to see the famous Mrs. Brocket in person, I must admit. And the new book... although I'm Portuguese and grew up in Portugal, I read all the Enid Blyton series and was always very astonished and curious about all the picnics and treats.


What a great idea for a book. I will have to see if I can lay my hands on a copy here.


I'll be calling today to make my booking! I actually just finished reading 'The Summer Book' for the second time! K x


Looks fab, I am putting it in my diary and hoping to drag a friend along as well. hopefully see you there


That looks a fabulous book. I shall make a note on the calendar, and if we're free, pootle over. x


looking at this - i was back years ago when i worked in fairfields bookshop in newtownards in co. down. sadly it has gone now which is such a pity! i used to spend all my wages on books, mostly for my two daughter - the other two of the 'wethreecreate' and i think you would agree that it set them in good stead for some great writing skills!! would love to be coming for tea but sadly (hmm!!??) we will be in france!


I was going to leave a long and glowing review for "the history of love" on that post, but then got sidetracked. It's really fantastic and you must read it next.

Lil' d

Oh, I would love to work in a book shop. The local ones are as quiet as libraries and my kids don't exactly like it when I browse for things, so I'm limited to maybe a couple of solo trips a year. I love curling up in the aisles, skim reading odd pages to see if I've found a great one.

I'm off to see what people recommended to you.

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