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16 July 2008


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The Goose Nuts story cracks me up--children make such amusing connections that are quite entertaining.

I love the felted pebbles and a practical use I can see for them is to toss them at someone who irritates you, say those folks who don't return their shopping carts or errant drivers on the road. They would, however, probably end up as nest materials for birds which is good on one hand but bad on another because you'd have to spend an inordinate amount of time making a quantity of said missiles. Then again, tossing of missiles, even felted pebbles, at miscreants could result in a lawsuit which is bad. Oh dear, my practical use idea just isn't going to work at all. But your felted pebbles are really cute anyway.


!I love it when kids give a new word for something ordinary. It adds a little silly fun to the day. And goose nuts is hilarious!!!


I LOVE these goose nuts! The farm shop not 5 mins from my house does them and my favourite are the vanilla-flavoured pumpkin seeds they are YUMMMY. They put them a-top of the most amazing carrot cake I've ever tasted. I also used them as roof tiles on my Christmas gingerbread house...


Goose nuts - great name and how fab that they will eat them.

I have been tempted to felt soap, which is probably even less useful!

Cherry Menlove

I love your felted pebbles. In fact I'd like to squeeze one right now. I know I would end up carrying them around all day, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!


I've been meaning to make felt beads for quite a while now. Perhaps you could make a necklace out of your pebbles (depending on size of course)! Love the color of the purple one especially, and it coordinates so well with the goose nuts! K x


Look at you with kids who ask for healthy food as desert! In my house the requests would be much more chocolate orientated.I must try the goose nuts!


Goosenuts - what a fabulous name! Do the pebbles need to have a use whan they are just lovely things?


Ha! Goose nuts indeed. I wish my kids would eat something uber healthy like that. They just want ice cream and chocolate, so I always say 'after some fruit or yoghurt'. Yes, I am a Food Fascist! x


Great that they want goose nuts for pudding - and sweet how those names evolve! My two are currently in a phase of asking for a 'Wallace and Gromit cheese cracker' for pudding after they saw a video at their granddad's house.


I think Johnny has a career in marketing - goose nuts is a far snappier name than munchy seeds. By the way your felted pebbles don't need a practical use - their tactile loviness justifies their existence alone!


Very impressive children you have! It's just chocolate all the way here - I wonder where he gets that from?

I wouldn't worry about being practical - it's good to have things just because!


hahaha. goosenuts!


To me that's a better name but I bet it wouldn't get through a marketing research test.

I like the felted pebbles too - I don't mind if you never find a use for them :)

French Knots

Excellent name and full marks for healthy children! Mine might be tempted to eat them with a cool name like Goose Nuts, but are more likely to go for a banana or ideally ( in their eyes!) a piece of cake :)

tracey petersen

There is actually a brand of nuts in Australia called ducks nuts. Perhaps they are related.

PS when you leave me a comment can you check the email address that you leave. I try to reply to you, but it bounces back each time.


So funny... my kids love "fish balls" aka Nordic Naturals kids strawberry flavored omega 6 vitamins... Cute!


Hee hee - goose nuts is fab!!

Your felted pebbles are lovely. All that stabbing is so therapeutic :)

Glad to see from Dottycookie's comment that I'm not the only one who's tempted to felt soap!



brilliant!! My daughter is trying to impersonate an electric drill at the minute

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