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02 July 2008


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Bless, a career in catalogue modelling could be beckoning!
Hope it all goes well with the follow up, just bear in mind how far you've all come in the last year and how proud you all are of all his achievements.
Pop over, I'm passing on an award to you!
Julia x


That's amazing! I love ferns - maybe I'll give some a bashing too and make some tea-towels...


I have bookmarked that tutorial as even I might have a go at this.

Incredible but true!


brilliant!! i'm all over this.


Gorgeous; and since I need a suitably adorned tote for lugging essentials to the allotment now, I think this would be a perfect project!


What a fabulous idea. I'll certainly be trying this one out.
Bye the way, my Grandad always swore by holey vests and said that they kept you cool in summer. However, he also said that a cup of tea was the most thirst quenching drink. Surely not?


I am SO going to do this with my girls this weekend. Fabulous !

tracey petersen

I see a modelling career in that boy's future. He'll keep you in style!


I so need to make this!


What a brilliant vest, so much fun!


What a lovely idea and the vest looks fab - beautifully modelled ;)

I'll have to add this to 'How to survive the summer holidays' list!



ah vests... every Italian mum's favourite item, and every Italian child's nightmare. It makes me laugh how italian footballers were wearing vests in the 40C of their last football match. Bless them.

That fern print is gorgeous. Make more!!!

Lisa Lam

The camera sure does loves him. A male model with a sense of humour if only there were more like him :)

Great looking vest too.


Wow, this looks amazing! We've been doing some mono prints with ferns at work (inking them up and running then through the press) but this is a great idea (and he looks pretty pleased with his t shirt too!)


This is brilliant and one of the reasons I love blogs... Excellent striking of pose.


Meant to add... I am off to gather up every white vest and t-shirt I can find, those ferns had better watch out.


That's lovely. My friend printed some wallpaper like that with banana leaves - it was very beautiful too. OOOoo the leaf printing possibilities are endless . . .


A fine version of blue steel posing and I like the fern!

Alice C

Is the hammer necessary to maintain discipline while crafting with children?

Lil' d

Ooh, I like this. I gave up buying white clothes years ago, though. Hmm, there must be something white around here...


what a great idea - thanks for the link
lisa x


What a fantastic project! I'll definitely give it a try :)

Rachael Rabbit

I simply love this idea - thank you so much for sharing.


I love this but help cannot find fern. shall experiment with others. fab idea for the summer holidays, i am making a list.

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