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07 July 2008


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I can completely understand how you feel about Johnny starting big school. Our little ones change so much over the course of junior school and I think every mum is with you in wanting to hold back the tide on that one. I like the sound of your summer index card project and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops. I'll be hoping that Amy wants to give it a go as it sounds lots of fun.

Alicia A.

Yay, Ali! Great minds think alike, huh?! : )

We'd be honored to have you ALL join the group!


I love the idea of using index cards! I'm with Alicia on this one- it would be terrific to have you join our fun!


Don't talk to me about the playground. Recently I have been timing it so we arrive just as the bell is ringing for them to line up to minimise the amount of time we (OK, I) have to spend there!

Love the idea of the index cards, but the likelihood of me doing it? Probably not high :-( I could try though, right?


The index cards are a great idea! I can see lots of ways to use them...and if you don't want them in a book, you can file them in a specially-decorated card box. Very fun.


ali! how bizarre and wonderful, this coincidence. (my mother says that there are no coincidences...) so happy to be creating alongside you this summer!

Mary Beth

I was just clicking around and found this post. Very interesting and inspiring! I think an index card a day I could handle. I'm not artistic at all, yet have a longing to create something every day. Maybe I will try this. Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh, and I totally agree with you about the moms on the playground. Ugh! Now I'm a working mom and am equally reviled as I was then.


i think this looks so intriguing - can't wait to see more.

Lucy @ Attic24

How odd Ali, we seem to be doing/thinking same things right now.
Yesterday my Little Lady was also deposited in school for a visit and I have so many mixed feelings about it. We will be so sad to leave behind her wonderful nursery...and buying school uniform, oh thats gonna kill me.
I was also chatting to the Little Folk yesterday about making a Summer Scrapbook together, along the same lines as your index cards...I'm really looking forward to seeing yours as they happen.
Have a great day

janet clare

great idea and I think mine will like it too.
Henry had his visit yesterday (and another today)and found out that his best friend is in his class too, so they just hung out together as usual and seemed bemused by all the fuss their mothers were making about going to school


That sounds like a great idea.
Have to say I was very relieved once I didn't have to do the school gate thing anymore (although sad that all the boys were finally at secondary school)


The smalls and I used to keep a scrapbook every year in the summer holidays - but then last year they lost all enthusiasm for it - I was so sad :-( I guess it's a sign that they're getting older?

My biggest one starts Really Big School this September - how scary is that? :-O I well remember her starting Primary School and how nervous I felt about that - this is even more terrifying.



I know exactly how you feel about the big school thing. Minx is going up to junior school in September but already my sweet little girl is developing an attitude! I'm really going to miss the cosiness of the infants school.

Your index card project is a great idea. We've put a whole load of ideas down on paper to make sure we don't waste the holidays sitting inside bickering :)

I'm so looking forward to more relaxed mornings without the nag that is the school run!



I know what you mean about being a mother at school, it is like being back at school yourself isn't it?

Love the index cards, Lady A is doing a holiday journal so a bit the same I shall post pictures of that. I shall look forward to seeing yours.


I have a little one starting in September and its so hard to see them go. He is joining big brother but it feels like he will be leaving school next. I love the card idea, I think we mignt give it a go.


i like your cards...better I think. they seem more realistic and doable for me. And I like the way the kids can join in. I could do a winter one....when my kids get back that is!


I love this idea! I think I'll join you.


What a great idea. I may have to join you, and I have a recipe card box with a poem in the lid about children which would be perfect to store them in.
Good luck with the starting school torment looming. I was dreading it but Ruth couldn't wait, and it didn't take nearly as long as I thought long to adjust to my new found freedom. (I still have the odd pang even mow she is about to go into Yr2, and Grace Yr4, but it soon passes).
Cathy XX


Ughhh - playground mafia, how I dislike them! What is is about some women and their obsession with being in cliques that only "special friends" can join - don't get me started, it's a particular bugbear of mine!
Kit has just finished her school settling in phase and I'm not entirely sure she knows what's going on, but I'm trying to keep up that positive front although I'm in denial that September is a mere 2 months away.
Love the index card idea, I'm also intrigued by the Flickr thing but to be honest I'm completely overwhelmed with Flickr and wouldn't know where to start!
Julia x
ps. the sale is Thurs evening not during the day.


Big school is such a big transition, isn't it! My little girl will only be moving into a next door classroom when she goes to reception at her school after spending this year in nursery, but somehow it seems like such a big step. And I have a little boy who will be starting playgroup too. New beginnings all round. Now what will I do with that precious 'free' time?!

Love the idea of the index cards, and I think my little girl would really go for it, so we'll see how we go!


Love the index card idea, a great way to record your summer in a creative way. Was looking at a pile of index cards only yesterday.... and why do I always have to sign in, even if I've ticked the box to save info. Drives me potty.


Like Dottycookie I may just enjoy this from afar and vicariously through you. I love how the creative world can throw ideas like this into the mix.

I have a son starting high school next year. It does feel like the first day of primary school all over again!


Oh how I hate the playground!I used to stand across the road and linger so I could witness any criminal activity from the big kids:)
Now I drop and run.
I might have to play along too.We have just embarked on mis semester break and it is raining-this will keep the little boys happy!



Was the blog treats and treasures? I was going to try a scrapbook (again) this year with my children, but maybe the index cards would be easier to fill. My little one is not that keen on noise but has loved Reception this year. I'm sure you will be fine with the other mums.


I love the whole idea of an index-card summer. I'm going to see what I can do about documenting my summer thus far on index cards and then continuing for the rest of the season. What a really fun activity and I appreciate your sharing it.

Sarah Jayne

Thanks for posting a link to the Flickr pool - I've really enjoyed having a look at the cards - what variety.

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