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23 June 2008


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Intriguing! Can't wait to see the outcome.


I love all that knitted graffiti - what was going on??

Look forward to seeing you're group project!


Some of that knitted graffiti looks so rude...so phallic...or am I the only one to have noticed that?


Hmm, I was intrigued too so I did a quick google search and came up with Incogknito!! What a great name for the Knitstable knitting graffiti in Whitstable and how cool to see it!



how cool is that?

Alice C

A beach hut cosy?? That is completely bonkers - irresistible!

aaarrggh...why do I have to type my details in every time I comment?


The colours of your cosy are gorgeous - you might need to share the details so I can knit a scarf in them ( I can only knit scarves)


Fabulous knitted graffiti. A beach hut cover sounds ambitious. My hubby keeps telling everyone I'm knitting a cover for the Naval ship.

tracey petersen

The splash of blue looks stunning against the greys. I look forward to seeing photos of the cosied beach hut.


Can't wait to see the finished project

French Knots

Hope you are getting a lovely beach hut to go with the cosy!! With the weather so far this summer it's the perfect beach accessory!


how fab! what a great project. I've seen a whole short documentary/news story about whitstable and the whole re-launch of the art scene there.



That has to be one of the most wonderfully potty ideas ever - only in this country could such a project be dreamt up!


Never heard of knitting graffiti until today, how cool is that!?


This is so cool. I love the idea!
And your new project sounds great!


Love the knitted graffiti - what a great idea!

elsie dinsmore

hello there. I am trying to get hold of an email address for incogknito because I have just blogged about them. I don't suppose if you have one that you could be kind enough to furnish me with one could you? I am also trying to send you an email, but failing badly. I'm not very slick in blogland so far!
with warm regards - elsie

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