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04 June 2008


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I have just finished some buttered rice cakes topped with oak smoked gammon, frilly leaves, cucumber and black pepper. :-D x

janet clare

cheese salad- healthy but boring! What I really wanted to eat was the last of the boys' jelly sweets, but they've counted them so I couldn't.


You will approve - it was an almond croissant from the coffee shop!
That is the most impressive list of places to have lived too!


that's a really impressive list, you've got me panicking as Tracy tagged me too, can I even think of what I was doing 10 minutes ago....
oh yes last snack, a rather nasty cheesy cracker, need to go and find something nicer!

Alice C

It was a low fat egg mayo sandwich with enough poppy seeds to start an opium industry.

But I am wishing it was Peanut Butter on Toast.



hey! when are you in cornwall? it's just that i want to rob your house, ahem, i mean i'm going camping (near st ives) - 2nd week of august.


The last thing I ate was a Quaver pinched from the kids just after swimming. Yuk. How I wish I'd resisted, then I could have told you about the gourmet salad I had at a friend's house for lunch, and you'd have been dead impressed ;-)


Just had pasta with courgettes and tomato sauce, I put rather too many chilli flakes in I couldn't understand why everyone was drinking so much water ;) If you were to ask me about 10 years ago I think I'd have less idea than you, I think I am starting to get,oh my what is the disease where you start to loose your memory!! Aaagghhh (just kidding)


Mine was a big slice of watermelon, which makes me sound very healthy, but it came after a big bowl of rhubarb syllabub! It sounds like you have a very interesting childhood, living in so many different places. My list is quite dull really - 2 places!
Cathy X


I have had the day from hell and am currently working my way through the BIGGEST bar of dark chocolate known to man. I am doing this whilst hiding from my children. yes one of THOSE days. All that packing you must have done in your life!!!!!! ps now feel sick after too much chocolate


Peanut butter on toast indeed--but with butter also--I know, a bit overboard--but it is one of my faves!


I just had a fabulous brunch that my husband and I cooked together. We deiced to join One Local Summer: http://farmtophilly.com/index.php/C21/
We pledged to cook one meal a week using all local ingredients! This is the first week, and we made bacon, eggs, and toast with jam. Yum!


The last thing i ate was a maple syrup sweet that i won in a giveaway from Lina. I can't believe you have lived in so many places - was it fun? I have always wanted to go to Tonga.
Lisa x


The last thing i ate was a maple syrup sweet that i won in a giveaway from Lina. I can't believe you have lived in so many places - was it fun? I have always wanted to go to Tonga.
Lisa x


The last thing i ate was a maple syrup sweet that i won in a giveaway from Lina. I can't believe you have lived in so many places - was it fun? I have always wanted to go to Tonga.
Lisa x


last thing i ate: conch fritter washed down with a margarita. hooray for vacation!


A nasty Co-op flapjack - now wishing I'd done as originally planned and made my own!

You certainly had a very far flung and exotic childhood!
I lived in glorious Birmingham until I was 26. Boy, have I lived since then:
Wolverhampton, London, Dagenham, Southampton, Northampton, Southampton again - gradually working my way round all the UK 'Hamptons' it would seem (only had babies in two of them - one North & one South - no Wolves!) :)

Sorry...getting a bit obscure now...

Now going to Google 'conch fritter' to find out what on Earth Erin is eating.....



I am laughing like crazy at your turn of mind, an alibi??? Hmmm, raises some interesting questions about the bits you've forgotten....

Last thing I ate? While walking through the kitchen I reached up to the top of one of my cupboards where I keep a secret bar of Green and Blacks with cherry, just a square, just enough, just every once in a while as I'm passing.


It's grey, blustering and miserable this morning here in Sydney.


The last thing I ate - a great Indian meal in a restaurant called Malabar - and boy I ate too much!

It was almost 1030 before it got dark tonight - I love long summer nights!


We had twice fried plantains for dinner. They are really yummy with salt and lime juice.


A handful of white chocalate chips from the pantry. (Smack on wrist). Note to self: leave enough for baking white choc and raspberry muffins on weekend.

What a childhood you had, eh?!


I've been tagged for this one too, but the last thing I ate was a double decker on the way home from being out with my husband. I never need to eat them obviously, but sometimes after more wine than necessary they take on a hallowed glow in my mind and nothing else will do.

tracey petersen

I have just eaten a bacon sandwich for dinner. By Thursday night it is desperate in our house. It did have avocado, lettuce, mushrooms and cheese as well, so it wasn't all bad. In fact, it was deliciously good.


i'm currently eating a macaroon from switzerland...present from hubby on his recent trip. And drinking an Australian Port and waiting for my Russian Caravan to cool down before going to bed.

i love reading memes...just couldn't be shagged doing them!


Well I had a huge bowl of spag bol for dinner thanks - cooked by my husband as I had a sick child glued to my lap (again). Now I'm munching on dark chocolate and having a cup of tea. I'm glad you struggle with the cash register too Ali - but I'm a whizz with the bar code reader!


A handful of almonds from a jar on my computer desk. Your list of places you've lived rivals my son's...his govt forms were quite long the first time.


Well, these are fun things to know. My "where have you lived" list is long, too, since my Dad was in the Army and my husband was Air Force. That library stamp idea is a good one; I need to do something about the horrid paper stacks that accumulate. One of my hated things is filing, yuck.


oh dear. The last thing I ate I STOLE. Am temping for a company that has a large fish bowl full of murray mints plonked on the front desk. They are just within s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g distance. Crunch. There goes another...


I just finished a banana and four little nutty/seedy crunchy bite things from Aldi.Very nice.
I am the complete opposite to you and have lived in one place for the whole of my life.Different house but same borough.The last two houses have even been on the smae street (bought from the same people).That maybe why I am no good at packing.


Oh my -- you do get around! That's a lot of moving. I just had a subway turkey sandwich for lunch and I did this meme a few posts back!


Spagetti with red onion and sun dried tomatoes! I loved reading this post - I'm always fascinated by what other people have done etc. Just plain nosey I suppose!


Wow! That's some list! Mine is VERY boring indeed :) And the last thing I ate was a massive indian take away; saag paneer, navratten korma, garlic naan... I've worked my 37 hours this week and I'm celebrating the weekend :)


Hey, I didn't know you lived in Edinburgh! You learn something new every day.

I enjoyed doing the other one (flickr) so maybe I'll give this a go (if I can be a***d)!


How were the ribs and chicken? Looks delicious!
I've been tagged for this one too - on my to-blog list.
What did I last eat? A chinese special curry with egg fried rice at a noodle bar last night with my friend. And it was lovely :D


Cheese and broccoli soup (with a spot of curry paste to give it oomph).

Have a wonderful time in Cornwall. We went back for the first time in years last summer and it was super (it helped that we had two weeks of non-stop sunshine), sailing, fishing, and lots of eating and drinking looking out over the sea... I'm getting all nostalgic already!)


The last thing I ate was barbecued burgers with olives, capers and just a smidgen of chilli, with a rocket salad and barbecued yellow peppers stuffed with anchovies and other goodies ... having just been a background prop for aforementioned meal for a shoot in a small London garden ... whilst dodging the raindrops. It was well-earned and totally delicious!


Delurking here....just eaten a homemade (but not by me!) chocolate brownie. That's a very long and glam sounding list of places you've lived. And you're coming to Cornwall...lucky you, it's hot and sunny down here at the moment so bring flip flops and swimsuits, and fingers crossed it'll stay hot. Have fun!


Tick-tock! Just realized you're not coming to Cornwall right now....oops. Oh well, may this summer be better than last!


I loved your list, Ali. I did mine last week, I think. And I'm amazed at all the places you've lived. I wonder - do you have something/anything from any of those places?


Very dull but the last thing I ate was a bowl of raisin bran. We have the itchy feet, moved around a lot thing in common I see!

Victoria Leather

What a great post. I love nosing into other people's lives - the whole point of blogging I feel!

Anyway, haven't eaten yet today despite it being 2.30pm as Aimee had 3 friends sleepover last night and we have just emptied out the house. Phew. What a night!

So am off to Starbucks now without baby, big kids or husband. Will be enjoying an Iced Latte and Muffin or Almond Croissant whilst I ponder what to make for desert tonight as we're over the road to neighbours for dinner.

Ten years ago - easy. I was s***ing myself at the scarily young age of 23 as I grew ever nearer to Aimee's due date. Did get to enjoy all the sport that year though and finally learnt the rules of cricket and footie whilst watching the Ashes and World Cup. (There was a lot of watching TV whilst laid out on sofa at Dr's orders!)

charlie p

Wow. That's a loooooot of places to have lived- and I thought my record of 3 countries was impressive!
I just ate some blueberry yoghurt with oats and seeds. Very German :)


Oh no - now I have to confess to eating a toasted wholemeal crust with peanut butter and mashed banana.

Oh and a butter minto :(


Pita and roasted red pepper hummus. Rather on the healthy side for me.


No claim to healthy eating for me. I've just had 4 After Eights and I'd been resisting them all day. Its all the surfing.


Hi Ali! Thanks for coming to the shop! The last thing I ate was a Fig yoghurt, actually the last three things I ate have been fig yoghurts! Slightly addicted.....!


Great post.. it made me laugh.

Last thing I ate, some peppermint chocolate with a peppermint tea (not normal tea, otherwise I won't sleep tonight)


Ali, the places you have lived! WOW. I so wish I lived in England and Europe. I wish at least I could talk my husband into renting a cottage for a few months in a different place every year.
Do you have a favorite place of all those?



I was browsing blogs because I got tagged the other day and thought that only really uncool people (like me) do MEME... I am so relieved I am not alone in replying, hahaha, even though I expect abuse by some I tagged!

So all of my replies to these questions are here if you care to check them out:


And the last thing I ate just two minutes ago was bulgar wheat with peas and red peppers. In fact... oh no... I should have taken pics of it for the blog!

All the best!


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