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12 June 2008


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hey ali! i know the feeling, nothing happening and i'm still trying blog365. must be the time of year or summat. what flavour jam is it? and did you make it? xx


oh actually, i just remembered the strawberry picking you did. i feel stupid


I could have sworn I'd added Kristina's blog to my bloglines, but it isn't there now. OK, off to add her again - thanks for the reminder!


oh, you have a life - and we like you the way you are.

Alice C

You were absolutely right to nag her - she writes a great blog - pause for maternal glow and much patting on back.


I was just about to ask if that's homemade jam from your strawberry picking expedition, but I've been beaten to it! Now I really must make that rhubarb jam. Thank you so much for the lovely mention! K x


Mmmm - your jam looks yummy!

Thanks for the link to Kristina's blog - I love her china and all her food looks deeelicious. I need culinary inspiration right now so she's definately going to become a regular read!!



Ah then this would seem like the perfect time to finally say that yes, I did go to Gifford's circus. It was absolutely wonderful, in the literal sense of the word.


Jam sarnies sound the perfect antidote to bloggers block! Hope you have a fun weekend.


I'm with you on the china envy!


Even when you write 'nothing' you do it well. So well.


That homemade strawberry jam looks yummy is that one that you made? If so what recipe did you use as I would like to have a go of that this summer.


I'd already found Kristina's blog, but hadn't realised she was "THE" Kristina!
your jam looks yummy, now I have jam envy and plate envy!


dude. you sound like me. i'm suffering from blogger block too.


Bloggers Block? Perhaps a good dose of senna? Or some liquorice?

Your blog is lovely - I've always said so. So there. x


You know doggone well that we all enjoy your blog. And isn't sharing your jar of jam and a link to a fun new blog important? Well, of course they are; how are we ever to occupy our time if you don't share such details with us? Have a great weekend!


Nothing much to say here either...I know I could find something to write about, maybe I'll practice in my head today and get to the PC tonight.
Have a good weekend.

Jane @ Kidzarama

So join the club, girl! ;)
Watch out for burnout, okay?


Mmm strawberry jam. I'm missing summer a little bit today.


Who's bringing the scones. Oh and the cream.


OOOhhhh, jam! Gorgeous. Forget the writing, the photo of jam seems to be enough for most of us. Even when you think you've got a case of the block I still love your blog.

Went over to your pal's blog tonight and left her a little message. What a lovely blog, thanks for the recommendation.


well, the jam looks nice at least - hope it helps with the blogger's block

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