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09 June 2008


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I have that book ... but am ashamed to say I have not yet used it. But I do know the fuzzy wuzzy poem and have another that always went with it when I was a child

Izzy Bizzy is a Bee
Izzy Bizzy sleeps till three
Izzy Bizzy isn't busy ..is he?


I promise no potatoes. I can't, however, say there won't be any drool splashed on a bowl or too while I'm admiring them.


I loved that poem as a child - it reminds me of another of my favourites (a little more gruesome)

Fatty and skinny went to bed, fatty rolled over and skinny was dead....

that one made me laugh as a child!

Love the felted bowl!


what a great felted bowl. i love the two-tone effect. i have wanted to make some, but haven't for some reason...


I have what may seem a silly question. Can you felt in an ordinary washing machine? All the instructions I've seen for felting seem to involve top loaders and looking at it occasionally. Which obviously with a front loader you can't do. It is that question that has put me off books like one skein because a lot of the items do seem to be felted and I soooo want to have a go!

tracey petersen

My grandad used to say that little poem to us, along with one about a peanut on a railway track and peanut butter...


I love your little bowl and great to see it being put to such good use!

I remember Fuzzy Wuzzy!...and of course now a whole load of childhood rhymes are popping into my head!


Those felt bowls are one of my all-time favourite things to make.


Brilliant felt bowl and I loved the poem. Not sure how I got to be as old as I am with so many children and haven't heard it before... maybe I have but have just forgotten!


I thought Fuzzy Wuzzy was a woman?!
(line from the film "See No Evil, Hear No Evil"!)


I love the felted bowl, I really must find time to do some felting projects, just add it to that extremely long list!


your bowl looks great! my friend suzanne made those for our craft swap - i love mine so much!

lucykate crafts...

i adore your felted bowl, projects like that make me want to learn how to knit properly again!


Lovely.I can't wait to seee them all together.


I love those bowls, just seeing yours has made me want to make one or two. The wool does pong doesn't it, when it's wet!?


Your new bowl is adorable and I agree that chitlins are not the thing to put in it--but it made me laugh at the thought. I have the book and haven't done anything with it yet. I'm saving it for autumn--why, I just don't know. But now I'm rethinking that plan based on your wonderful creation.


it's a slippery slope... first blogging... then knitting... now felting...

whatever next? 'chitting' perhaps?

(what is that? strange English custom or a pure 'hudsonism'?)

Gorgeous bowl.


So pretty!
I have a felting class Saturday. Maybe I could make a little bowl like that :)


I loved Fuzzy Wuzzy when I was little too! Love the bowl -- what a great idea for wool scraps!


Gorgeous bowls, so cute!


'Fuzzy Wuzzy' was my favorite poem growing up! I have this same book and somehow haven't managed a single project yet. But I absolutely love your bowl and am now feeling very inspired!


I love that bowl. I can't knit... maybe grandma...


LOL - I remember that poem! What a blast from the past!


Wow! That's such a beautiful bowl - I'm going to have to learn to knit!


It's rather appropriate that your bowl has been colonised by the fuzz! It's beautiful by the way. Those two shades work perfectly together - definitely worth the smell of boiled sheep!


I am mired in exam marking and so (naturally) having a blog catch-up. I do enjoy your blog (though have still to read most of the back numbers). I do so agree (several posts ago that blog reading is so good for the incurably nosey. I tend to come home from journeys having found out the life histories of my fellow passengers and the cab driver. Such fun. Possibly because my life is somewhat eventless (though I like it that way really).

Back to the scripts! Happy felting.


Absolutely beautiful felted bowl. Well worth the stench of sheep! :-D x

Angel Jem

Yes! Fuzzy Wuzzy!
I love the colours of the bowls, an dthe fact you're prepared to live with the smell to make two more.
Long tall ones would look good with pencils in, wouldn't they?


I must give the bowl pattern a whirl. I have the One Skein book and made the stripey bag. Unfortunately it came out a little long but now is a wonderful hotwater bottle cover. I love felted knitting - a very satisfying process (except for the wet sheep smell!).


Great bowl! Glad the busy bodies have found a home too! (is it just me that calls them busy bodies? I have noticed it's just playmobil these days. Am I showing my age lol?)

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