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11 June 2008


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Great recipes thanks for the links. I know what you mean about doing the same over and over with food, so last week I got to the library and got some cookbooks out determined to cook something different.


You owe me a new keyboard! The drool that has now covered mine has rendered it somewhat difficult to operate!

Shame about project 365! I was enjoying your pictures although I can understand the giving it up. I loved the idea of it but I don't think I would be able to keep up!


Those recipes look gorgeous! I'm very uninspired with cooking right now and it seems to be pasta or salad most days, which is fine up to a point. I may have to try that summery soup - it looks delicious :)

As for the Toblerone cookies - I'm right there with you on the non-guilt thing!


Angel Jem

Having recently treated myself to Nigel Slater's Eating for England with its polemic on Toblerone, I smiled when I saw yours. I love it, but rarely indulge... perhaps a small bar tomorrow would make for a smiley Thursday?


Mmmmmmmm, those cookies look fabulous. x

Alice C

Well, if it makes you feel any better I felt really guilty for not starting Project 365.


Pass a cookie. Please.

tracey petersen

This is where I go when I'm desperate for inspiration:
It lets you keep an electronic recipe book of everything you enjoy. I LOVE it!!!


I completely agree with you--no one should ever feel guilty about homemade cookies :)And thank you so much for the camping tips! K x


Nothing guilty about those cookies - they look amazing (bet they tasted amazing too)


We don't have the dark toblerone here in NZ. Unfair. Love the felted bowl from previous post. Well done.


Toblerone is so lovely. No guilt there for me. I am really done with the idea that we should feel guilty about eating a bit of chocolate. Those cookies do look delish :)


Oh no! Why did you do that (actually I really understand)? The 365 is so not a competition...even if it feels like it! Your pictures were very good. Take care xox


Oh, I'm so with you on the not feeling guilty thing. It's one of my pet peeves to hear people label food as 'wicked'. It gets me all aggro just thinking about it really. Perhaps I better go bake some cookies to make me feel better. :)


I'm always joining in with projects or memes and then realise I just can't keep up with them! I refuse to feel guilty,this is supposed to be fun, your blog should just go it's own way depending on your mood and time to sapre. I enjoy your blog and your photos are fab. Thank you!


Looks delicious! I want to try this recipe. Thank for the link.

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