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02 June 2008


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Great fun for a lunch box. I love all things bento, I mean looking at all things bento. Way too much effort for me!


I love the idea of the shaped boiled eggs in lunchboxes...but then I clicked through on your link to the instructions, and got waaaay too distracted by those icecream sandwiches!

I'm not sure that I've ever seen icecream sandwich moulds in our shops, will have to make an effort to seek them out.


This made me chuckle! I had to have an old filling replaced last week - must be something in the air. I saw the 'tutorial' for the eggs too - but didn't have any moulds to try it out on. Now I NEED some moulds!


I have the cow form, too! That's what I can work on tomorrow instead of laundry. Thanks, Ali!


Oh I used to wonder why people carried on so much about the dentist too. Until I hit thirty that is, just gets worse each time I go!
I think your piggy is adorable


hey these are great! They're not scary at all...

my children don't like eggs. Shame... I bet my husband would though!!


I am laughing so much at your description of the after effects of dental treatment and of your 'leer that would have frightened small children', and of your 'lips that no longer met in the corner'! Wonderfully descriptive! I also like your eggy piggy very much!


I'm sure your mouth felt much, much worse than it looked! Off to the dentist this evening with No2, so will hide this post from him - he may have to have some teeth out in prep of his orthodontic work...
He doesn't like eggs either, but I would love to eat them from your moulds!


PS. I've tagged you!


Ali, I would love to come and rummage through your kitchen - you always have the best kitchen accessories. I've never heard of ice-cream moulds before - am off to google search now! Bad luck about your dental episode although you've done pretty well to have 20 years of no nasties - you must be a very dilligent brusher!


You have just reminded me that I need to have mine replaced! The egg is hilarious!


Cool egg shapes. Where did you get your moulds from. I saw bigbucket girls laptop lunchboxes I think I might have to get one for myself to eat my lunch out of at home everyday - do you think that is sad?

tracey petersen

I have just watched a documentary about genetically modified food, then came here to see an egg shaped like a pig...


I had a good laugh at the egg - can't wait to see the chicken version! No good for us though - Grace has to have hers still in the shell a la Famous Five!
Cathy X


Hmmm, wonder what he'd taste like alongside ham sandwiches? Sorry ...

I'm with bigbucktgirl on the laptop lunchboxes - we've had them for a while and they are FAB. My children actually eat when I put their food in them, which in this house is something of a a miracle.


Sorry, the visuals you have painted here are too funny! I'm laughing at you with your leer and the poor piggy.


We truly are in parallel lives....i'm uploading photos(slowly) and checking on you as they do so. Not just any photos..a certain bear. and his mate the rabbit!


Those moulds are fantastic! Great idea to make boiled eggs too. I know what you mean about dentists - I was completely happy about going till I had my first filling! Still, got to look brave for the children :D


Oh my goodness .. that looks like the Hanibal Lecter of the Pig World!!!


heehee, really made me laugh!


Oh my goodness, that is so funny, Ali. I've never seen anything like it! There's something surreal about a pig-shaped egg though...yes, try a chicken mould, it may seem less twisted. (but what a gorgeous mould! I am all for chocolate pigs!). x


Wow! this is a bit weird, not too weird but a bit weird pig shaped eggs hhmm! not sure about that. very imaginative though!!
I have made tractor shaped sandwiches though and cow shaoed mini quiches fun but not as way-out as pig shaped eggs.
Know what you mean about the dentist though, it never used to bother me, i couldn't understand why everyone made a fuss, but then it's easy to be blase' if you don't have to have any work done, but as soon as you do then you like everyone else start dreading the dentist!


I'm sorry but I just cannot get past the photo of the egg held in place with a rubber band! Is that right? Am I seeing right?


Lunchbox Egg Cow is totally awesome, cracks and all (and which of us doesn't have a few of those?)


I feel like a bad bad Mother as I didn't even know bento existed until now!
I do love your eggy piggy though - and he's so much nicer than the blue and pink ones in your link. Ack - the thought of biting into something that looks like sweet piggy blancmange and finding it's a boiled egg!!

Post dental numbness and droolage is not the best....if only you had competent lips to contain the drool.....



Hehe the pigegg did make me smile, hope they ate it after all that effort on your part :)
I've got away with it for years with my dentist but I know my ancient fillings are going to have to come out one of these days, I hate that droppy mouth feeling and you can bet someone wants to get into a conversation with you while you're dribbling.

Biggie @ Lunch in a Box

Thanks for the shout out about my Lunch in a Box speed bento blog! BTW, the link you used goes to my old LiveJournal site; the full site is linked above, and the molded egg entry with more recent comments is here: http://lunchinabox.net/2006/06/22/williams-sonoma-for-egg-molds/ Cheers!

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