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17 June 2008


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I am opposite - I am the queen of throw away. Don't like it? Freecycle it! I love freecycle :)

Alice C

Are you mad? Life is too short to wipe pink vomit over clean surfaces. Waste is not good but wasting time is the worst crime of all.

Here endeth the lecture for today.


This is the most gorgeous flower picture. Compared to you and Alice, I'm feeling quite inadequate! What sort of camera do you use? I'm still trying to talk my mum into upgrading so I can have her fancy one!

And while I love Method products, I think I'll give this particular one a miss!

K x

tracey petersen

I know the feeling exactly. I am often too guilty about wastage to discard things. Eventually I do a spring clean and kick myself for keeping things I neither want nor need...


I am the same way about the cutting garden thing. I love the idea of coming inside with armfuls of blooms from my own garden but it feels so wrong somehow. As though I am murdering them

The guilt thing, I have no guilt over binning vomit scented products! If it all helps you have my permission to discard!


I too have cutting garden fantasy but no guilt because the more you pick, the more flowers you get (if you plant the right sorts that is). Though I hate waste too, I might draw the line at vomit scented cleaner ..


Beautiful bloom. And I totally 'get it' about the product thing. I once had some washing up liquid that smelt of vomit - disgusting - but I did use it up. Actually, I might have used MOST of it up - that somehow was enough. x


Stunning photos, but who needs vomit-smelling cleaner? Yuck! And if you cut flowers and bring them into the house, most plants grown for cutting produce more blooms...you're doing it a favour really!


I too was seduced by the method brand. try the green cucumber one. Not a piece of regurgitated anything in sight. Infact a lovely gentle scent.

Nice roses. I can't do roses in my garden... apparently they're a hazard to football with their nasty thorns.


I'm just the same feeling guilty about cutting flowers although I think I wouldn't feel guilt about pink vomit to clean the work surfaces. Would have to bin that one! Loved the bubbles in your last post.


Beautiful bloom! I too dream of having a cutting garden, but sadly we just don't have the space. I've picked up the Cutting Garden book many a time.
Shame about the method cleaner - most of their stuff is quite nice, but I can see that the smell of vomit is not really conducive to a happy cleaning experience!

Angel Jem

No! Chuck it, chuck it! I got a lavender air freshener and was dreaming of the soft scent of lavender wafting seductively through the house. It smelt like Savlon! Everytime it went of (one of those posh every 9 minute ones) I kept on asking who'd had the savlon. It had to go!!! It's not waste it is a productive use of your senses and to keep it and use it from guilt is silly! Chuck it and reuse the bottle if you like the look of it. No guilt! It is your sensory environment at risk here!


Just chuck out the chuck up stuff - the guilt will be fleeting.
I, too, fantasise about a cutting garden. I even bought the seeds to do it. They're in the ground so I'll keep you posted!


Your pictures are gorgeous and the colors exquisite.

You can salvage the cleaning product by adding some drops of essential oil in a fragrance that pleases you. Lavender is excellent for cleaning purposes or you could try drips of some citrus essential oil.


I to hate throwing things away. I always find it helps to give the things away that I can't use to someone else and say to them if you don't want it please give it to someone else or give to charity (obviously not in this case) or throw it. Then if they throw it I don't know about it and in my mind it has gone to someone who will use it - just my way of coping with it!


I think I didn't think my last post through enough (forgive me) I don't think any friend will thank you for giving them something that smelt of vomit so I think in that case if it were me I really would throw it in a bin immediately on smelling that vomit smell.


My favorite surface cleaner is a fifty-fifty mix of vinegar and water, Some Dr. Bronner all-purpose soap and a few drops of rosemary oil. Use the puke stuff to wash patio furniture. Ewww.


Oh, I thought I was the only one who cried a little inside every time she cut a flower from the garden. I've worked so hard to get them in the right place at the right time I don't want to cut them for goodness sake. I have, therefore, become the queen of the wild flower arrangements. We do big, green and blowsy. Some of the best weeds make the best displays. Pinkweed (i've no idea of the real name but it is pink and ubiquitous), elderflower, lady's mantle, comfrey, honesty. I can pick them with gay abandon - better flowering in my guest bedroom than self seeding in my beds!


Ah, shame about the cleaner - the Method almond furniture polish smells almost edible to me! Couldn't go for vomit surfaces though - combine it with a less than fresh J-cloth (I'm sure you never have any of those lurking about though) and you'd have my idea of sensory hell.


Gorgeous flowers! I would have to cut them too!

But I would certainly get rid of anything that smelled of vomit. I would just retch every time I was meant to be cleaning.


Eeeeew. A rose by the name of vomit does not smell so sweet.

Can you perhaps find someone olfactorily-challenged to give the cleaner to?


I'm glad that you cut pretty flowers before the rain gets them too. My husband thinks I'm weird for running out at the beginning of a downpour to save a precious rose!
Just checked out the Method site (sad, I know) and they have such a cool new product - a bathroom cleaner with a kind of dip in the top of the bottle to keep your sponge. I always am stuck for where to put my sponge! I love it! I am clearly a very sad person . . .


I find it hard to throw out food that is perfectly edible but it turns out nobody will eat. It just sits there in the cupboard for weeks, sometimes years.

As for garden guilt, I often buy plants at the farmer's market that take me weeks and weeks to actually plant in my garden. Some of those little guys can't take the wait and expire. Talk about guilt feelings!


thanks for the tip off - I shall avoid being seduced by the lovely packaging on that one! It does look very pretty with your gorgeous rose though!


I was teaching about cutting garden flowers this week and the guilt of picking flowers from the garden kept on cropping up.
I like to think of it as proactive dead heading - my delphiniums bloom from the end of May until the frosts because I cut the flowers!
Beautiful rose

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