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31 May 2008


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He models it very well!


Gorgeous Ali. I have that pattern and never got around to making it. Must do it for next Summer. Isn't Mark a trooper - he's even hamming it up a bit!


your tunic turned out beautifully... and your model is way cute :)


I trust you will use that photo to its best advantage in about, oh, 8 years from now?

Fab tunic, missis. I would look rotten in it but I think you will be glam and gorgeous!


I love the whole hotch potch Boden stuff, and yours is even cooler - especially as it is unique! I wish I could say that my 7 year old almost fitted into my stuff, but despite being the tallest tho youngest in her class she's still swamped by mine!
Cathy X


You have to love a man confident enough to sport a woman's tunic! It looks fab by the way!


Hmm... wait till he's as tall as you and you're wondering if you can fit in HIS clothes!!! that's scary!


it's a wonderful tunic - what an obliging chap your son is - he makes a great model!

tracey petersen

That looks like a story in the making. When he is an adult he is going to say 'remember that time you made me wear your new tunic in the garden.'

It is a lovely tunic.


Looks great - I agree with Cathy on the Boden thing, you've definitely captured the look.


Hehe, this is one photo he might not be keen to show the girlfriend in years to come :)
Love the top, really nice fabric.


love the fabrics together. i made this in a winter weight/colour fabric (cos its winter here) and wear it all the time with tops and woolens underneath. it just looks good with everything, jeans, pants,skirt and boots. i think your model wins though!


I love your choice of fabric.


Boys have a terrible habit of doing just that...growing up very quickly, not wearing women's clothes!
Fab tunic - very Boden!


Beautiful, you are incredibly clever to have made a top with my name in the title! I MUST learn to sew. One day.anna x


it's gorgeous!


hehee, this is funny!


Ooh it's lovely! I have that Amy Butler spotty print - it looks great with the other fabric you've chosen. Very neat rouleau button loops and top modelling too!


hey fab job Ali!!

c'mon show us how it looks on you... (was it difficult to make? did you swear/cry/threw it across the room?)

Alice C

Well - it may not be sunny in the South East but we will all need sunglasses if he smiles like that all summer!


Your new tunic is beautiful; I love the way you put the fabric prints together. And your model is adorable; what a good sport he is to demonstrate your wonderful creation for the photo shoot.

charlie p

Beautiful tunic in gorgeous colours! I just found your blog through Val (can't believe I hadn't found you before now!) and have to ask where you buy your rubber stamp carving medium. I've just spent a fortune on some from the US and having seen the stuff you sent Val wondered it it's available in the UK? Thanks :)


Lovely top on a lovely boy!


Great job on the sewing Ali - I love the colours. I think it's fab that you're little enough that your clothes fit a 7 year old!!



This is gorgeous, really gorgeous, cute model too.


Good on your boy.(How much are you paying him - and are you destroying the photo before he brings his first girlfriend home!)


What a trooper! Love this post..

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