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16 May 2008


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Magic is right! It looks amazing. I wish something like that would stop in my neck of the woods.


Beautiful photos and beautifully written


Oh fantastic! We're going to see them in Hay this year, and now I can't wait!


Just the kind of circus I've been looking for, for my kids to see. It looks wonderfully 'bohemian' as you said. If only we didn't live so far from where they do their performances, we just get the tatty looking ones. Have a great weekend x


I took Nr 1 when he was 4 and he loved it. All of it a part from the presenter/clown (can't remember exactly) because his face was painted and he wore a hat.

Oh yes, hats can be very very scary.

But he talked for days about the world strongest man (was he still there?) and the acrobats...

Glad the weather hold out for you!


That looks like a perfect family evening! We have a circus coming near here soon but it is not as lovely looking as that one, and at £24 per seat, we are not going to be attending!


we are aiming to go this summer with some friends and I can't wait. I have heard such great things about it. Glad you had fun.
Cathy X

Rose Vintage

I bought the Mathew Rice calendar this year and illustration for May is all about Giffords Circus! Sounds wonderful but I bet it does not come to Kent! Will have to keep a look out...


It looks like a wonderful way to spend the evening. I'll have to check out their Wiltshire dates and arrange a trip to mother-in-law's.

I love the video - such a great glimpse into the people behind the show.



It sounds perfect, like a proper circus should be - high on magic content for the young and young at heart! Glad you had a great time!

Alice C

Ack...there are times when I long for my children to be tiny again...and the thought of taking them to the circus and sitting in the dark with smell of candyfloss and sawdust is almost too much to bear today.


that looks magical.


So true. Every piece of the circus seems like it's made with love and care. They know how to live.
I look forward to their return to Hoxton Square


He is smiling in his eyes. Wonderful picture.


It sounds magical indeed and the sparkle in his eyes is reflected in your words...or the other way round, no matter.


He has the most adorable face I've ever seen, what a cute picture!

There are times that I would love to travel about in a gypsy caravan and enjoy all the wonders in life. Let's go...right now!


there IS something magical and special about circuses....is that a word?

I haven't been to one since I was a child.

That photo of your son reminds me so much of my 8 year old nephew. incredible.

Lisa Lam

It looks like you all felt some magic. Lovely pics.


That's the one thing we're going to miss about living in the west - no more Giffords Circus. Last year was the best ever in my opinion - wonder if we should make a trip and go and again?


How brill does that look! If only they were closer to me!!


Doesn't it just make you want to live your life like something out of the Gifford/Bridgewater/Rice clan.
We are also too far away, though I have considered scheduling holidays. . .


Thank you so much for this post, I remember reading an article about Giffords Circus in country living mag last summer. anyway, after reading your post I have just booked tickets for the show on Monday in Hay - I am so excited!!

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