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06 May 2008


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You just made me spit soya crisps at the screen with your shopping lists comment. Laughing and eating and reading at the same time is not such a great combination.

Alice C

Every time I listen to a play on Radio 4 it seems to be about shopping lists so I think you might have found your vocation.


I, for one, would be fascinated to read other people's shopping lists!! I suppose that's because I'm, basically, nosey :)

I'm sure a shopping list could tell us a lot about a person.



Actually I think shopping lists would tell a story if you had enough of them. Perhaps they'd need days of the week as headings. There would be something in their repetitiveness as well as the peculiar items that find their way on there.

I also got excited because I thought you could suddenly write japanese, but then realised that would mean you had swapped one of your boys for a cute japanese child as well...


ali, i LOVE LOVE your stamps! they are seriously awesome. i think the camera is my fave.


your stamps are wonderful, ali. i need to give that a try!


Shopping lists, I think, tell a big story about someone's life, go for it!
The UK at Home book looks wonderful, and your stamps are lovely!

Katie Pedersen

This is the cutest thing ever.


i think the shopping lists is an excellent idea!


My shopping lists would inspire no-one I fear. I have a competition with myself to try to spend less each week (though maybe it's cheating to buy extra stuff at Waitrose ;-)

Love those stamps. Every time you show pictures I resolve to have a go, then I never do ...


I love your rubber stamps, thanks for the mention : )

Looking forward to reading about your book making course.


I suppose it all depends on what you have put on the shopping list really. It could be a really sleazy story or something quite every day. Could be a good story though either way. Will look forward to seeing what you actually do come up with. As you are a blogger, it's not as if you are often lost for words ...


I think shopping lists would be brilliant, could be very revealing. There is always joy to be found in the everyday domestic! I love those stamps, I really need to have a go at those!


wonderful stamps - I don't know how you do it, you must have a very steady hand!

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