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08 May 2008


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Oh, wisteria ! My fantasy house has it growing all over it.... Well done for getting it going :)


See? A little threat works wonders sometimes... try it with the kids once in a while (ha!) :0)

I've loved wisteria ever since I was a child and first started learning plant names. Good for you! Take an extra deep whiff of it for me, okay?

Alicia A.

oh, wow!

Alice C

I could eat that photograph - it is so, so delicious!


Just goes to prove that plants do indeed have ears!
My wisteria flowered really early this year, when it was too chilly to go out and enjoy it. I will have to tell it not to do so next year...


Wisteria! You lucky thing! It is one of must haves for one day when we own a house. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks plants neeed a good talking to now and again!


That wisteria is glorious! What a beautiful view from the window. Have you got a lovely English country garden? I'm dreaming of filling up my garden with stocks and suchlike this year ... just need a few more hours in the day to do some serious planting!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Forget the wisteria (although it is really lovely!!) it's the cow-parsley that sets my heart a-flutter! Isn't it gorgeous? Why don't we grow it as a proper flower???? I love it when it pops up at the allotment! Lucy x


Oh how lovely Ali - lucky you!!

Momma Pajama

It's funny how plants respond to threats, isn't it? I've done it (with good results) myself. Lovely wisteria!


I'm laughing because I have the same tendency of threatening plants if they don't behave as I wish them to do. It seems to work though. Your wisteria is gorgeous and I'll be glad when we move back south so I can grow some, too. They wouldn't survive long here in Tucson.

Your picture is so gorgeous; you could frame it or make it into little greeting cards to send to folks.


rich mowed down my cow parsley this last weekend :(


Lovely Wisteria, I've always dreamed of this hanging over my front door. Have you been talking to all the weeds in my garden too? They're growing with a vengeance!


Cow parsley is just such a pretty flower: we have loads round us and it is so pretty.


ah spring, hearalded in with blooms a-plenty - glad to see that all are welcome at your house from the lowly but graceful cowparsley to the majestic and voluptuous wisteria ( can you tell I've drunk too much wine this eveninf?)


Oh, they're beautiful! And so picturesque out your window. I treat my roses the same - if they misbehave, I put a shovel next to them. "See this?"


Oh I'm glad the talking to worked because aside from jasmine there is nothing more spring like to me than Wisteria.

Gorgeous photo!


I love the cow parsley, never really thought of picking it to put in the house, but will certainly be out looking for some tomorrow!


We have the same things and I love them both too!


Gorgeous Wisteria. I have a white Wisteria that hardly ever flowers. This year it has had more flowers than ever but not as profusely as the purple coloured variety. I never knew they were scented until mine blossomed this year! What a lovely sweet fragrance.

suzie sews

Picture postcard photo...just lovely...can you come round and talk to my plants please?

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