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27 May 2008


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funny, it's been completely raining on our holiday, too.

(and i just finished a skirt - yours is way cute!)



Cool blog. if its ok with you I've added you to my inspirational blog sites. Oh and its raining here as well.



Yeah, raining can make or break a camping trip.

Your skirt is Lovely.

Alice C

Go right ahead with that sunhat - after yesterday I am not sure there is any rain left.


Was rather a wash out wasn't it! Soggy camping can't be much fun!


... you know... I was thinking about you... when I was sitting nice and warm near the fire, knitting...


Hmmm, It's been lovely hasn't it! Hope the rain didn't spoil the camping too much :)

lucykate crafts...

there simply cannot be a bank holiday weekend in the uk without rain, it's the law ; )

very brave of you all to go camping!


We got a few drops this morning but it's never very much sadly! I love your skirt - you always choose such lovely fabric for your clothes.


What a shame about the rain in conjunction with your camping trip. I do love your skirt, the fabric is really wonderful and the colors look great.

Feather Nester

LOVE the skirt! It's beautiful. Nice work. Great fabric.

It rained here this holiday weekend to. No camping trips to ruin though. My husband's rewiring nearly the entire house, so he hasn't seen the light of day in 24 hours anyway (just bought a house in Feb and now discover that it's wired with the old "knob & tube" wiring that is a HUGE fire hazard! Anyway...). Hope your next camping adventure is less soggy.

French Knots

Perhaps if we all buy thermals the sun will come out?!


aha, so it was your fault!


What a washout! I have just wanted to hibernate this past weekend.


Cute skirt. Did you use a pattern or just eyeball it?


Oh no Bank Holiday camping in this country is always a recipe for disaster, hope you were able to enjoy a teeny weeny bit of it. Not much fun when everything is wet though. The skirt looks great though, if that's any compensation
PS I must be lucky with peonies, I've planted two over the past couple of years and both have bloomed the following year. I think it makes up for the rest of the garden which the snails are slowly devouring!


You must have been camping far from Eastbourne because it has been relatively dry here. Hope it was fun anyway!


Wasn't the weather just dreadful - love that skirt!


Oh no. This is just unfair. I hope you didn't let the weather spoil your trip and still made the best of it.


Gorgeous skirt - I really love the fabric. I actually quite like camping in the rain as I like lying in my sleeping bag all cozy listening to it on the canvas. It is more fun in the sun though!
Cathy X


You were camping on Monday? :-O Oh my ... wasn't it horrible?

The skirt is gorgeous! x


Camping on a bank holiday... asking for trouble! I love the skirt (great fabric) and think it will look fantastic with wellies.


Oh no - I'm not a fan of camping in the rain. Love the skirt.

fools gold

well the skirt is lovely, but the weather always lets us down, although we managed to get a bbq going this bank holiday so it was'nt a complete wash out.


lovely skirt, beautiful colours, and how snuggly does your little chap look in his sleeping bag?!


Is it okay to say that in the so called frozen north east of England we had a humdinger of a bank holiday weekend - spent it in the garden :)


I think the sun is peeping through here today!!


In my experience, even the suggestion of camping is enough to bring on the bad weather. When I was at school our Year 10 camp to an area in the north of Western Australia coincided with a cyclone deciding to come ashore. The area was fast moving through the alert colours by the time the teachers decided to evacuate us.

I don't like to camp much nowadays.


Rain and bank holidays always go hand in hand, we were lucky and had sun fo once. Lovely skirt
Lisa x


In awe of anyone who goes camping. Love the skirt. Will find out how far abingdon is from me as that sounds fab

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