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21 May 2008


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Hmmmm Didcot you say. How much are the tickets?


What wonderful opportunities are coming your way. I am very impressed by Persephone books and your meeting the founder is awesome.


Oooh, I'm going to note that date down. Can't say whether or not I'll be able to 'do' it - depends on contact dates - which have not yet been finalised.

Looking forward to the blog you write afterwards, even if I don't get there! x


Oh, man! I miss out on a lot by being on this side of the pond. :(

I first read about Persephone books on several blogs, and was very impressed. I just received my first catalogue and copy of the Persephone Biannually. Wish I could be there!


(why doesn't your blog remember my address? EVER? and yes I tick the box, everytime. Julie's blog is the same... umph)

anyway... OH YES PLEASE!!! please reserve me a ticket and I'll send you a cheque... for the taxi service too...

can't wait.


Do you have any idea how close I am to jumping on a train? Unfortunately it's impossible without a Tardis. Mind you, if I arrived in the Tardis David Tennant would be inside and then I might not want to get out ...

Have a fab time!


I went to a talk about Persephone at the Cheltenham Lit Fest last year and fell in love with the books - the endpapers, the covers and the fact that they are all 'forgotten' books makes them so special (and that's before you've read the actual contents!).
Cathy XX


So nice to read about how much you enjoy your new job. I have just started a little part time job myself. It's in a fabric shop and I get to talk to people about making beautiful things with some really gorgeous fabrics. It's hardly what I call hard work!


Sounds lovely - wish I could join you!


Oh to be surrounded by books! I don't think I'd get any work done, I'd be telling the customers 'could you just wait while I finish this bit'


Oh. {Sigh.} Do you suppose your bookshop could arrange my ticket from the states? ;-)

Sarah Jayne

I love Persephone books - just love them and try to give them to friends for birthdays. You'll have a great time.


I read so much about Persephone in Blogland but I've yet to actually read one...I ought to put that to rights.


I love Persephone books and wish I was nearer to Abingdon!


definitely sounds like an evening not to be missed although I'll have to content myself with reading about it on your blog. It really does sound like you've found your perfect job Ali!


You have my dream job! How I'd love to come and listen to Nicola Beauman! I think I'm going to go to a Persephone tea party event a little nearer to where I live in June, if I survive a trip to the dentist's in the morning!


I have never read a persephone book either, despite reading about them in Blogsville. I think this is a situation that needs rectifying immediately!


Oh why did I move to Scotland! This sounds like it will be such good fun. Well done on the award!

By the way - Typepad never remembers my details either (like Monica) and I always tick the remember box too!


Yay, you won a nibbie!

I love your job too. I am so glad to be able to experience it vicariously, even in small doses.


Aren't Persephone Books great. I lost my copy of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and lo and behold they have just reissued it. I'd love to come down to Abingdon but it's a bit far from Durham. Congratulations on your Nibbie, it looks very smart!


Oh, I was so excited when I read Abingdon. We have a town nearby with that name. Imagine my disappointment when I read you're on another continent entirely.

And imagine my surprise when I saw a neighbor listed on your blogroll. It truly is a small world.



Huh. I never realised that that's such a part of the reason that I like blogs. It's people-watching, but from INSIDE THEIR OWN HEADS.

How fun!


I'm going to ring the shop tomorrow to reserve a seat - but would love to meet up with others before/after! I grew up in Abingdon but now live in Gloucester, but that's not too far away! Love, love, love Persephone Books!


Hey, we've got one of those too! (Okay, we have two. Shucks.) http://www.snowbooks.com/weblog/2008/05/clink_clink_clink.html

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