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28 April 2008


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Oh, yes, please! That's brilliant and adorable, and what an amazing use for those colored baking cups!

Deborah Bourque

cute it may be, however; I draw the line at cooking for dolls.


Love the book! What a great title!


Pssst - I'm whispering so Alice doesn't hear, but I am seriously coveting your cake cases.

Love the last picture!

Alice C

Yikes - it is a long time since I have wanted a book as badly as I want this one. Pencil Sharpener Pudding?...I must know the recipe!...please put me out of my misery.

Oh...and I think it is permissible for the Mud Pie Fairy to use coloured cupcake cases...especially if it results in unforgettable photographs.


Love it!

Sara Strong

Wow, that is a must-have for all the kiddies.


oh, that book looks fantastic - i know a little girl who needs it! :^)

stavroulla Ploutis

How fun is that! Darling Photos.


It is indeed a fun book. I have it, too, I'm not sure why since I haven't any small children. I think I'll take it with us at Thanksgiving and make mud pies and other delicacies with our grandchildren.


What a fantastic book! Looks like they had a lot of fun!


This just looks like a fun book!


Agh we have that book. It's dog eared, been soaked through and very much loved.

I think every household should have one.


What a fantastic book, I'm going to have to start hunting for a copy too!

tracey petersen



Oooh that is the perfect book for my Lucinda who spends hours in the bathroom making potions and hours in the garden making 'wombat stew'! It's her birthday in a couple of weeks and I'm gonna try and track it down!


another cook book I don't have, must get it asap!


I love it, I love it!
Julia x


I can see hours of fun emerging - may be the perfect birthday present for either of my 2. I'm adding it to my Amazon wish list straight away!
Cathy X


how sweet!!!

Totally fab.


yup need that immediately for me or the children dont mind which

tracy x

makes me want to have children!!!!
love the shoes in the previous post - if i had not just ordered a pair of the Birkenstock clogs .......
t x


I adore.
oooo the possibilities
we only ever make grass and earth soup with the odd stone biscuit.
I'm getting ambitious


When I was little I was ALWAYS cooking with dirt and sticks and grass. That's a wonderful book...

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh I want that book and I want it NOW!!!!!

How absolutely fantastic!

Lucy x


Oh, how cool! I love children's books like that. Methinks you've created a stampede of people searching for used copies!


why is this book out of print? and why are you taunting me with it?!! I know my mum would love this (and my daughter too I imagine). Off to hunt down a copy...


What a fabulous book! And what a shame it's out of print


That book is fantastic! I am going to have to keep an eye out for it!


oh! i love it!


Beautiful cover...for the child in each of us.


What a brilliant book - kind of has a swallows and amazons feel to it. The horses doovers look fab!


That book is delightful. I remember as a child going to my granparetns, and my sister and I would make "mud pies". The best thing was - our grandmother used to eat them (just a little when we said she had to try it). Bless her she must have eaten so much dirt over the years, but we did occasionally steal gooseberries and plums from the bottom of the garden as "garnish". How funny I became a chef
Take Care
Clare x


Thanks for sharing that treasure!!!
I so want that book.
Looks like your little gang is enjoying it!! How cute.


lovely post - did you know that the book has been reprinted because of demand from grown up mums wanting to share with their daughters. Amazon have it, and its on my wishlist! :)

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