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04 March 2008


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miss chris

Oh my WORD! Your email was chock full of details, but nothing compared to this. Ali, I am so very pleased that the boys enjoyed everything. Of course, who doesn't love bubble wrap and peeps?!

Thanks for being such a fantastic swap partner, my dear!

XOXO from across the pond


Sounds like the boys had fun! I love the dinosaur puppets!

For peep-aholics check out this series of Peep filled montages from the Washington Post - they are truly amazing!


Sorry I can't do the blue linky thing!


yeah, why don't you come to america? ;)

love those dinosaurs - too fun!


Another way to speed things up in the mornings is to use a stopwatch ... 'see who can get washed and dressed the quickest' works on my two competitive smalls!

You had a lovely parcel there. x


oh wow! that puppet theatre looks like serious fun...

tracey petersen

parenting is all about the bribes!


Phils Collins eat your heart out, that boy has talent! Great parcel, all those goodies!
Julia x


I love the photos as they are. Staged wouldn't have captured such glee - I love the one of the puppet theatre, because the concentration on his face is so complete.


dude. my husband is a peeps-aholic. he and your boys could totally bond.


Wow what a fab parcel!!...and great photos :)

I am totally in awe of the fact that you managed to get them to school after unwrapping all those goodies!!



good bribery tactics - it's amazing hoe quickly children can do stuff when there's such a good incentive! Those dinosaur puppets are awesome!


Awesome swap; I'd get dressed and ready for school in 3 minutes too if I could get to open that package.


How lovely! What a great swap - I bet your boys were so excited! I really love your puppet theatre too - it's on my to-do list of projects. So many possibilities!

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