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25 March 2008


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Good luck with your new job, hope it all goes well


Good luck with your new job! A book shop sounds like a great place to work!


Good luck!


Wow. Big step! What I believe is: If it makes you a happier person overall, then it will make you a better mom, too.

And I'm thinking this is a great opportunity for your little guys to grow. (Not that kids don't grow fast enough as it is.) Thinking on my own mothering...here's an example: Often I kept on pouring the milk and snapping on sippy lids out of habit. Then one day I would realize "This kid can pour his own milk and doesn't need a sippy lid. Duh!" And I'd let the child take charge and I'd see their pride when they realized they were strong and smart enough to do it on their own.
I hope going back to work gives you and your family good realizations like that. And not just for your kids but for your husband and yourself, too.


How exciting - a new chapter!

Good luck.



Good luck Ali! You can do it :)

miss chris

Good luck, Ali! Are you really working in a bookshop? I hope so... how fun!


Good Luck for tomorrow ... how funny, I too posted about my new job today! I had a very sore head by the end of it, but it's good to be out there again. Have a wonderful time. x


Congratulations! I'm sure it'll go swimmingly :-)


A book shop? That's getting paid for pleasure, surely? I get my book fix working in the school library one day a week!
Good luck - you'll be just fine.


Good luck. That's so exciting going back out into the big bad world with no children in tow! Hope that you all enjoy the change.


i bet you aren't gonna have to wipe anyone's hiney at work.

which is totally gonna ROCK.

(have a great day!)


Oh, a bookshop - what a lovely place to work. Wishing you a happy first day. x


Well good for you!! It was 8 years for me too and the hardest thing is standing up for so long - my legs ache when I get home. But I'm loving it and I know you will. And a book shop!! Don't you just LOVE book shops!!!


Congrats Ali! Welcome to the working world again! I have to say, during my short time back (just 4 weeks), I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's forcing to be more organised about my life in general, I'm wasting less time with unimportant stuff and I'm more patient with my children when I am with them. The only thing I still find difficult is leaving my children with the childminder... (they're fine, it's me that has issues!!)I guess that just takes a bit of getting used to. Good luck!


PS Your title made me laugh. I remember my English teacher using that very same expression to explain split infinitives.


Good luck, I hope it all works out well for you :) I'm looking again after my stalled effort last year, can't find the right thing yet, but a bookshop, speaking from experience, a yummy place to be!


Oh, Ali! Hurrah! I managed a bookstore in my previous life (Before Mommyhood), and I miss being around all those words and pages of promise, interest and discovery. It will be so good for you, and for the menfolk, too, I think, though they may not realize it at first. Oooh, I kind of envy you.

And don't worry about the split infinitives, if it was good enough for a billion dollar industry, I'm sure it's just fine!

Have a great day tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you.


ooh, a book shop sounds like a great idea! Hope it all goes well, Ali.


Congrats! I'm sure you'll have a great time and all your menfolk will be fine.


oh ali! hooray for you. i hope your first day is smooth and fun. i'll be thinking of you tomorrow.


Good luck!

janet clare

good for you!


Good luck, just think of all those crafting books you'll be able to find!
Lisa x


Oh congratulations! You are bound to be a bit petrified, but I'm sure you'll breeze through it. How lovely - can't wait to hear all about it. Good luck. x


How exciting for you! good luck!


Good luck with your new job! I worked in a bookshop part-time for a few years and loved it - the nicest job ever! Enjoy!


Good luck. Don't spend all day reading!


Very exciting...I work too (part time)and it feels good to have a personality and responsibilities that aren't related to the children and home. It also makes me appreciate home and my family more when I get back....good all round really! And if it's a bookshop you will be working in, I'm SO jealous !! Good luck :)


A bookshop? Is it our favourite neighbourhood bookshop by chance? I do hope so - I have nurtured dreams of working there one day myself ;) If it is where I think it is, then you couldn't hope for a pleasanter workplace. I'll pop in and see you some time!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Wow! A job in a bookshop? How fab is that! Can't wait to hear all about it!


great - hope you have a ball. I work a little to much...I think 2-3 days a week (in a bookshop) would be just perfect

ps split infinitives are my favourite kind - I LOVE them and just cannot understand why anyone would choose to use anything else...

Alice C

I think that you will really enjoy it - I know that I would love to meet somebody as friendly as you if I went to my local bookshop. Good luck and don't spend all your hard earned money on books!


congrats Ali - hope you're having a fun first day. What a tempting place to work though - hope you manage to keep some of your wages at the end of the week!


Good luck! I am sure you will do fabulously!


Good luck. Hope you have a lovely time.

French Knots

Hopefully you will have time in your day for browsing too, which is work really as I think you need to be familiar with all of the books to help customers don't you?! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
At first glance I thought the picture was a poppadum!


Excellent! well done and good luck!


Congratulations Ali and good luck in your new job!
I'm about to go back out into the 'real world' very soon and it is a bit scary.

Working in a book shop sounds perfect - I hope you'll get a good discount!!



Don't panic, you will be fine. As it's now 'tomorrow' you must have had your first day at work, so I hope you are feeling good. Take it easy this evening and be proud of yourself.
Chat soon, Liz


Oh, a bookshop, you lucky thing. You'll enjoy living life in adult land again, I know you will. That it can fit nicely in with kiddie land makes it all the better.


I love the photo you posted. Congratulations on your new job. I must say that I'd be poor if I worked in a bookstore. By the time pay-day rolled around, I'd owe them money. It would be the same if I worked in a craft store or a fabric store. I'm safer in a library where you don't have the opportunity to buy things.

The transition will be a tad strange at first but it will all work out to a more comfortable routine. I think your family will adjust, too.

Your splitting infinitives comment makes me laugh.


a job in a bookshop how fantastic. I want to work in my local craftability store but as they pointed out i wouldnt earn any money as i would just buy all the lovely things. Good luck ali




May I admit that I am a teensy bit jealous??


a book shop? how fabulous! have fun!


Yay for new directions. I hope it is wonderful for all involved!


Congratulations! I worked in a bookshop too in a previous life. I know you're going to love it! Can't wait to hear all about it. K x

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