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23 March 2008


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Wow, still snow? We turned off the heater yesterday and opened all the windows to let the fresh air in. I love your little bunnies and eggs. They're very cute.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Yup - we had an easter egg hunt in the snow too! Mad weather - but I do remember it snowing on my sister's birthday at the end of April once!


Lovely Easter 'tree' - I meant to get myself organised to get one, but needless to say, ran out of time.

In the last 48 hours we've had hail, sleet, snow, rain, howling gales and sunshine. The weather has gone bonkers!

Hope you're feeling better? x


Oh, come on. There is nothing as bad weather. It is the clothes ... well, spring has got still two weeks time. And sometimes things just go right ...


Cute Easter tree! We usually do one, too, and I just couldn't get it all together this year. But your Easter ornaments look so much like ours! I love all the pretty painted wooden ornaments in the spring colors. :)


We've had snow flakes but they all disappeared before they hit the ground!

With regard to the camping so early in the year - take millions of blankets and thick socks! Our first trip is at the end of May but then I'm soft!!

I love your Easter tree :)



Snow! We had a very humid 27deg! I think we're even at the 'bring on the cooler weather' phase. The leaves are certainly falling! Sweet tree - might have to try that next year. Hope you had a lovely Easter!


we got a foot of snow yesterday--what's with this freak easter snow everywhere? Don't forget to pack your camping mittens.


Pah! That looks like spring from here! ;)


cute easter tree, love the painted ornaments. we had 10 inches of snow this weekend, so it was lovely easter weather here! hopefully it won't be too cold for your camping trip.

tracey petersen

Camping? in the snow?
I hope you camp in comfy hotel rooms!


I wish for you imminent warm weather and a fully healed throat .

Happy Easter!


What a cute Easter tree; those little ornaments are adorable. Your kids look so happy seeing the snow come down. As for the camping, my goodness, I must be a world-class wimp but the idea of camping in the cold makes my bones hurt just thinking about it. I do hope the weather is lovely for your trip.


we had a hail storm...That's what happens when Easter is in March :o)

Camping already...need to remember the tarps just in case...there is still much fun to have in the rain/snow....just need more hot coco (lol)



Our egg tree looks just like yours! And we had about the same amount of snow.

Good luck with the camping; just think, if you lived in Cambridgeshire you'd be having Easter holidays and thus going camping Right Now. Brrrrrr.



(oh no, i'm yelling at spring!)

Alice C

Suck up the fear Ali! It might be the best family holday EVER!


I'm sure it'll be fine... although I had snow in Cornwall on my birthday... in June once...


Lovely spring coloured easter tree. We've had all weather conditions this past week so perhaps it will brighten up for the holidays.
We went camping (in a pop-up camper) in the new forest last year,it was a scorcher by uk weather standards, I must confess, we're not gonna chance it this year we've booked a large static for the week.

tracy x

we have snow too x
had to pop by and say - LOVE your green vest x
t x


We will probably have a heatwave and a hosepipe ban by then!


Layers - take LOTS of layers. And make sure you get prime position next to the wood-burner!


We are going camping too in two weeks! I am willing the temperature to rise.
Hope the new job has gone well.

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