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02 March 2008


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Looks like good fun big girl papier mache! Can't beat a bit of paper, glue and balloon action.


Oh Ali that is such a great self portrait - I especially love the big smile and wonderful hair. Hope your mother's day was lovely. Your mum certainly looks like she knows how to have fun - what a great picture.


Your self portrait if fab ! I personally would have had loads of fun making one too !


Your self portrait is really great but the photo of a woman with one of the best smiles ever (ie your mum) is even better I think!


What a wonderful papier mache! The time spent on the hair was definitely worth it :) k x


nice to see you having such a good hair day! the chance to play is indeed one of the best we can be offered, off to check out that site...
(and happy mothering day to you and your mum too, she looks lovely)


Now I know what you look like!!!! Great idea. Hope you had a good Mother's Day too


How fun!~ I agree, playing is essential :)

French Knots

What fun - we all need playtime but usually there are lots of things we need/have to do instead!


Oooooh you're lovely and such luxuriant well-coiffed hair!!

Seriously though - what a great game!!!

Lovely picture of your Mum and littley :)



Do you want to borrow my box of hair dye? There's a fair amount of 'blonde' showing there ;-)


miss chris

:: Oh, the likeness is astounding. ::

What fun though...

(Happy belated Mother's Day to you!)


Love it!

How brilliant!


That looks like fun...I was to late to sign up :o(

great job.


Alice C

I am astonished how like you it is. It doesn't have the twinkle in the eye tho'!


I love that photo at the end. It made me think - if I see a photo of people I know, like my own family, I see the person I know, with all the good and bad tied up with that.

If I see a photo of a little boy and a woman I know nothing about i think 'whatever. Another Hallmark manipulation of my feelings'

When I see a photo form someone's blog - someone I know a little about, who I care about, whose welfare I'm intersted in. Then i can see those people as part of this human adventure. I see them as themes, as symbols, but as people, too. It makes me step away from myself, it makes me consider those around me in a different light.

Thanks for the opprtunity for self-reflection! Hope it wasn't too pretentious of me, but I just suddenly realised why I like photos of other people's families os much!

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