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27 March 2008


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So pleased that all is going well :) And I wish I had that plate of choccie macaroons in front of me right now!


cute fence topper...so sweet.



I'm so glad that your new job is going well! I may be taking a job in a children's bookshop this summer (though I'm wondering about working yet another job where I will probably spend more than I make...)


So glad you're enjoying work - bit weird knowing your boss reads you!!!

I love your blackbird - perfect :)



Glad to hear you are settling in with the new job.
I love the blackbird sculpture!


I love the play of light and shadow in the photo of that blackbird sculpture.


your perky blackbird would make me smile too. Mmmm, macaroons - they look good!


He made me smile too!
Glad the bookshop ticked all the boxes!


Glad your new venture into the world of work is going well. I know that I'll have to get back out there once Kitty starts school, but I've sort of put that to the back of my mind for now!
Love the blackbird!
Julia x


What a small world it is when your new boss turns out to be one of your blog readers. I think it's rather great.

The chocolate macaroons look ever so delicious and I love the blackbird sitting on the fence post.


I forgot to congratulate on your new job. Hope you manage well and have a great time working!


oh, a book store! that's even better than library and quilt shop! except i'd spend all my hard earned money on books! ;)


You have lovely macaroons (Oooh, that sounds rude!) - and I love the blackbird too. So glad the job is going well - a bookshop would be a fantastic place to work: is it one with a coffee shop as well? Big leather settees? x


Congrats on the new job Ali, it sounds like one of my dream jobs too. Hope you have lots of fun. Love the little bird

tracey petersen

I found myself smiling at your blackbird sculpture too!


Congratulations on getting out of the house and doing something for yourself (and money ofcourse).

I worked in a bookshop when I first arrived in Nailsworth and I was shocked at how underconfident I felt the night before despite the fact that I had helped to run a Japanese bookshop in London for many years!


The macaroons look very tempting. The blackbird on the post is a jolly feature. I hope that you are settling in at your new 'post' too!


congrats on the job, what a lovely place to work. the macaroons look so yummy, and that bird is great!




He put a smile on my face as well.


I love your blackbird - gorgeous and so characterful! x

miss chris

Now I wish I had a wooden fence!

Angel Jem

Job in a bookshop? Heaven. (never done it, though!)

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