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13 February 2008


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Well I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed your trip down memory lane - there were things there that I hadn't seen or read before. Thanks for posting it all. x


Great post Ali - it's great to look back over some of your previous posts. You are such a lovely blogger - so honest and real -and it's always a treat to read your blog :)

Hope I don't sound creepy!!!

Lesley xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket

A lovely and poignant post Ali! Lucy x


Really interesting meme this one - must be hard to pick posts when you have such a huge choice of wonderful writing and ideas! Thanks for sharing your favourites.

Alice C

Thank you, Ali, for doing this. It is a treat to go back and read these posts. You have an ability to identify and focus on important issues in a way that give me a valuable new perspective.


what a treat to have a look back at your blog from your perspective, I hope with time some of the posts have become clearer for you. I know what you write often makes things clearer for me, if that makes any sense..

oh and the cupcakes look delicious!

the pesky bombolino

It's lovely to get re-acquainted with your blog. I think this exercise really demonstrates how honest and truly representative of you this blog is.
And I have to tell you that a bunch of my friends and I are going glamping in April for my hen weekend thanks to your recommendation- maybe we'll see each other there!


Goodness, that must've taken a while to get together! It made great reading and it was good to revisit your earlier posts - thank you!


oh so many good links, I almost forgot to come back.

your blog often gets me thinking for the day! :)


You put a lot of thought into this and I appreciate everything you've shared. I struggled on the personal aspect, too, because it's an extremely painful subject to me. However, I do believe this exercise was healthy for us in a number of ways.

Thank you for sharing this post as well as your entire lovely blog.


what are the lumps on cupcake number 2?


Oh, this was great, thanks, Ali!

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