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18 February 2008


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Happy Birthday Johnny, and to Mark, oops, but will you have something to show off when you go back to school :)


Happy Birthday Johnny! My baby girl will be 4 (and starting school - SOB!) this year. Where do the years go, I'm not quite ready to give her up yet.
Poor Mark, but look at those gorgeous eyes, why do little boys always get the eyelashes??
Julia xx
ps. Make it two glasses of wine after a stressful day!


Sounds like an action packed day! Happy birthday 4 year old!


happy birthday johnny! (and that mark, geesh, trying to steal your thunder. brothers. hmph.)

Tonya Denmark

Happy Birthday to your little man. Today is also my son's 4th birthday, though we did much of our celebrating over the weekend. Here's to many more!


Happy, Happy, Birthday, big man! Love that shirt, and yay for helmets.


Happy day to him!


Happy Birthday to a brave + cute little boy!
Enjoy :)


Summer before last, Lola was [get this] carrying a banana peel to a trash can, tripped, literally did a somersault, came back around and skidded to a halt on her face. It was brutal. The next day she looked like a prize fighter coming off a loosing match. The pavement, it is HARD. We coached her to say "you should see the other guy" whenever she was inevitably asked what had happened.

As for your other, no-so-little one, Happy Birthday, Johnny. You're gonna love four. And I bet your Mom will too.


Happy, happy birthday, Johnny! Poor Mark, but yes, always listen to Mummy. Ali, you certainly do deserve a big glass of wine. Maybe even two...


happy birthday johnny!


Happy birthday!
When Linus turned 3 in December I was also amazed about how fast time flies by.


A big happy birthday to Johnny! Love the shirt! And hooray for helmets :)


what a day! the most dramatic things always happen either on a busy/special day or at the end of the day. Glad that you could still enjoy it. Your boys are gorgeous Ali....scars and all.:) makes me think about my little baby turning 4 soon. GASP!!!!


Happy birthday to your boy.

And I love the tee shirt too.


Happy Birthday Johnny! My little girl is 4 - it's such a sweet age. And poor Mark - glad he's all in one piece.
The part about your husband asking which university really made me laugh :D Sounds just like my husband!


Happy Birthday Johnny! As you say (although at the time I would never have believed it) perhaps giving birth is the easiest part! Take care


oh dear, sometimes it seems obligatory that there should be some sort of crisis on a birthday. i remember my brothers appendix burst on my 16th. happy birthday to your little one : )

janet clare

Happy birthday Johnny! I have a Dutch friend and it is the custom to congratulate the parent on another successful year- they seem to view the child's birthday as the anniversary of being a mother. I think this is a wonderful idea.
Sometimes I do feel that all I have accomplished at the end of the day is to have got them safely back to where we started (bed).


happy birthday to Jonny, and a big hug to the Mark. hope you felt better after a restorative glass of wine!


Definitely a bottle of wine day!
Happy birthday Johnny! xxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Happy Birthday to Johnny and a quick recovery to Mark! Enjoy that wine, you definitely deserve it!

Lucy x

jen j-m

happy birthday to you both! and i agree, have some wine!


Happy Birthday Johnny! Such a grown up boy!

Poor Mark - that must be very sore, and I bet he was very brave But at least he has a good story to go with it. When my little one had her first (and hopefully last) black eye recently we were very embarrassed to have to explain to everyone that she had got it by walking into a plate her sister had been carrying. Doh.


Poor little guy! The blessings of safety helmets are certainly to be lauded and I'm so glad his injuries were somewhat cushioned.

A very happy (albeit belated) birthday to Mr. Johnny!


happy birthday johnny! and to you, too, ali. you are right about the keeping them in one piece being so much harder than the actual birth. it's true.

Alice C

Happy Birthday, Johnny. Four is definitely the best age to be. Old enough to start making some decisions for yourself - like not always doing EXACTLY what your older brother does.


ah, happy birthday! what a great shirt!

(i'd kill for one of those straightforward 3 hour births - not fair!)


Great photos...happy birthday, Johnny! Love that age.

French Knots

That's a day to remember! Love the tshirt.


Oh such a sweet face! I can tell a lesson has been learned...great birthday t-shirt!!x

Angel Jem

Happy Birthday! My princess turns 6 today & it seems like a real big deal!


Happy birthday Johnny! Definitely a day for a glass of chat en oeuf!


Happy birthday to your little one! That t shirt is awesome - I love the zipped mouth. As for the helmet thing :-O I know - I'm always nagging mine too - I might show them your picture as an illustration in 'why'! x


Happy Birthday to him!!!


aah! Fab shirt, love it!

Poor lil thing, hope the cut on his head didn't spoil all the birthday fun! x


I agree the giving birth bit being the easiest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having just had a bathtime experience with my youngest that i wish to forget. My last labour was only three hours as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Mark and poor you having to rush to A&E. Happy birthday to your 4 year old though. They grow up way too fast.


Oh poor sausage. Hope he makes a full recovery very speedily and enjoyed the rest of his birthday.

Your husband's comment about the university made me laugh a lot! x


Aww happy belated birthday Johnny! he's so sweet. And poor Mark, wee lamb. I hope it heals up quick.


A Happy Birthday to Johnny - gosh it seems like only yesterday he turned 3. I hope Mark's head is feeling better - they scare you half to death sometimes don't they!


Happy birthday cute little big boy! He looks very cool with his bandage and very cute in his new shirt!

Being a mother hurts, oh yes. Elsa fell of a chair the day she turned 2...


Awesome shirt! Happy Birthday Johnny!!


You know sometimes they just have to have these bumps and bruises to learn about being safe - it's lucky that he wasn't hurt more though.

Last summer Rohan (who sounds a bit like Mark sometimes) decided to saw some wood and instead of using the workbench that he KNOWS he should have, he rested the wood on his leg! He came in quite calmly with a huge gash - luckily it was the thick fleshy part of his leg and we dashed off to A&E. And yes I gave him a huge bollocking.


Happy belated birthday little man!!!!

We spent Monster's 1st birthday in A&E when the dog 'accidentally' bit him. We then spent his 2nd birthday in a different A&E when he tripped and cut his chin open on the corner of the toy box. My fingers have remained firmly crossed ever since!!!


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