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24 February 2008


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Cherry Menlove

I love the work you have shown in this post. I shall be heading over in thier direction....
Time, or lack of it, BLEUGH!!!!!!!
Thats all I have to say.

Lots of love

Cherry xoxoxo


what stunning labels...so many ideas, thanks for sharing!


i'm starting to familiarise myself with this routine everyday.

6.30..alarm wakes me, if not a squeeze from one of the kids.

mad rush to shower, organise lunches, make breakfasts, etc etc etc.

I'm over it!!

great finds by the way


Can you believe, my alarm didn't go off this morning? Aaarrrrgggghhhh ... it was a horrible rush!

I disagree with your critique of your photos, by the way - they're just lovely. x


What great things - thanks for the links! Just got to find the time to read them now!


Your shower puff looks like a tasty mango, yummy. I also received my copy of Marie Claire in the mail and have been so enjoying all the beautiful ideas.

What amazing things you received, I love those felt cutouts.


I was lucky enough to get a swap parcel from Hazel too!! Like you I am behind in my mini-swap and Hazels.Guess we both get bad marks! xxx


That shower puff is amazing, ditto with the felt cut out mats. Nice to be pointed in the direction of yet another nice blog too :)


love that little corsage - it's really cute


Lovely pressies - the tin is especially cute!

Maybe an orange shower puff is what I need t0o get me going in the morning. Either that or a rocket ...


Lovely goodies Ali - those labels are so cool!!

I'm thinking it would take more than an orange shower puff to get my butt in gear in the morning!!!



i am glad who feels a need to get moving and just can't. your shower puff is pretty, though. tell me, does it really do the trick?

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