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17 February 2008


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I love the smocket that you made! Great fabric too! Hope you enjoy half term!


I do love that fabric! It seems to pop up quite a bit around blogland!

Excellent pencil too, must keep my eye out for one of those!


So pleased you like it. I love both the fabrics on the smocket and am just about to go and investigate your link to it! Have a lovely week - we are on half-term too - I am so looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and being able to stay in bed for a while longer (although do have some guilt that we are all happily snuggled up in our PJs and my man still has to go to work!) x


Yep , we are on half term too.. Love the fabric, makes me wish we had a girl in our family but no, we have 4 boys


We are on half term too - oh the luxury of not having to rush around like a lunatic in the mornings. Fabulous smocket. x

Alicia A.

Cute, cute! :)

Have a great break with those boys!


ah, i saw those chalk thingys on florence's blog too, nifty aren't they?! we're on half term this week too, cue house trashed by about midday tomorrow!


what an adorable little smocket (love that word!) + such sweet fabrics...is it reversible? that chalk pen looks like a sewing essential. i use a pen that's supposed to turn invisible but sometimes it doesn't : (

enjoy your half term + all those good things you have lined up! keep warm xx

odd dotty

I love the fabric you used for the smocket! Very happy. Are you going to add a pocket?


Lovely smocket!
So, enjoy your half-term and all the adventures coming up.


Cool smock ... Julia x


gorgeous sewing, we've just had half term and we're back at school tomorrow, hope you hae a great one!


Beautiful smocket! I have that apples and pears fabric too - it is so pretty! We're also on half term and have a similar schedule to yours! Have a good week!


it's delightful! I shall have to try one or two for Lex ( if I can find a spare moment!) Thanks for the link Z x


Have a lovely half-term, ours was this week so back to work and school tomorrow. I think you'll have the same fine weather we did, great for turfing those boys out in!


ahhhh... love the smocket!


Such cheery fabric! Enjoy your half term.


That smocket is adorable! Love the fabric!


so cute, ali! who's the smocket for? miniswappers?


Hi Ali - it was lovely to have you visit my blog. I have now read your archives posts (courtesy of Alice) which was a great way to be introduced to you.

And I see you took part in the photo swap too!

I am glad to have found you...


The smocket is adorable and I love that pretty and fresh-looking fabric you used.


Love the smocket (what a brilliant word that is!) it's perfect in that fabric. Hope your half term is fun!


How nice to have caught the sewing mojo at the right time - I totally agree that sometimes you do have to wait.

Have a lovely week with the boys!


so which of the two boys will be wearing it?

just kidding. It's so cute. Lucky recipient.

Hope you survive the half term.

natasha s

ohh,what a cool pencil,I wonder if I can find one here in the USA??
If not then it'll just be yet another thing besides my pg tips,marmite,crunchies.........that will be on my list for my visiting sister!!
love your choice of fabrics,


I've got one of those chalk pencils and rate it highly. I'm just a little worried though. I just used the pink on some white fabric to mark a baby quilt. After the fact, I started thinking I should have tested it to be sure it won't leave residue on my soon to be grandson's quilt. I love that the pen comes with different color chalks.

Angel Jem

Half term last week... wish it was this as the poor princess has to celebrate her 6th in school!


I love your smocket and the fabric you have used is gorgeous!! We have a full week planned too. Tomorrow Ive got my first ever meet-up with a fellow blogger as I'm meeting Trashalou to compare cameras and naughty children :)


Cuuuute! I know two little people who would love a scaled up version of that - thanks for the link.


I love the smocket too, especially the fabric. I'm always impressed with what you make. I have some in my stash but it just gets looked at and will have to wait till my sewing skills improve.

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