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05 January 2008


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*Cheers from the sidelines* Well done you! That is a seriously impressive sock. A king amongst socks. Oh, and you have lovely hands. x


I am seriously impressed - what a beautiful sock!!! It looks like you've really got to grips with the sock knitting thing - and on the move too. I'm still far too scared to try again!!

French Knots

The colour is lovely, super sock! Perhaps I need to go to the seaside to practice knitting as I can't get the hang of it.


CONGRATULATIONS! but don't go saying that the sea had anything to do with it. If i stretch i can dip my toes in from here...but no magic just old loo roll!?
I've got no camera to snap pics but i bought new needles(why?) and wool (again, why?) and i this afternoon in the gloom and hail I have cast on for a new sock. Hahahaha..oh here i go again!


Oh and yes..you do have 'proper lady hands and nails!' maybe that's what did it. Stubby, bent and bitten fingers me. Say no more!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Your sock looks gorgeous! I have got to the heel of my first one but decided not to start turning it late last night! I am also in the process of knitting another hat and a mitten - so much for me being a sewer not knitter! Lucy x


You so totally rock the sock knitting! Going from wash clothes to socks is hugely impressive, lady. What's next? Lace?


Congratulations! I love the colours of your sock! I do hope that you don't suffer, like I do, from second sock syndrome!


Well done - you're a real pro now! Good luck with the other one! I started an iPod cover yesterday from Grace's Usbourne 'How to knit' book she got for Christmas. I may finish it by next Christmas. I haven't dropped a stitch yet, but it is basically a rectangle of stocking stitch - not too taxing, but a good starting point I feel. Hope your other foot isn't too cold.
Cathy X


only 5 more to go?! that a lot of toes to cover (and a lot of hours in the car). well done! I couldn't knit my way out of a paper bag, so I am in awe.


That is gorgeous! Very impressed. I so want to knit...but I'm so very, very bad at it! x


you never forget your first sock! I only knit mine last year...yours is beautiful!


congratulations, I would love to have a go at socks but I know what I'm like if I have to knit two things the same!
but you have inspired me to start a baby cardi for my new niece/nephew. (just realised i've got to knit two sleeves!!!)
hope you sock become socks soon.


hooray for you + your sock! it's a lovely one too...you'll be flying through the matching pair : )


Yay you! Did you do anything else for the last two days though? From despair to triumph in 48 hours - amazing!

It's a dangerous addiction though ...


Great sock! Congratulations!


well done! Now I just need to get my hubby to do the driving and I too can whip up socks in the car.


It's a beautiful sock! I knitted my first hat yesterday and am inordinantly pleased with myself :-)


Congratulations on the sock ! But will you get round to doing a second one ? ~ love Julia x


Congratulations on the sock!! I have always wanted to learn to knit and if I do I want to make socks. Love the color too!


Way to go, Ali! Now, hurry, have you cast on for the second sock?! There's no stopping you now. :0)


I'm really impressed! Love the yarn too...

Alice C

Can I join the sock-love party too?

I am worried that you may be getting your husband to drive up and down the motorways to feed your new obsession.


go ali!


Well done! Good luck with the other one!


fab sock - well done you!


good for you! That is one smashing sock. And now cast on quickly before the second sock syndrome kicks in!!!


congratulations!! what a pretty sock. i remember feeling absolutely elated when i finished my first sock knitted on tiny toothpicks. here's to many more socks!


Woohoo! I haven't tried sock knitting yet, I've heard it's highly addictive.


Congrats on the sock! Very happy feet indeed! Do you feel like making some more ...?
Happy New Year to you


the sea. it's absolutely the sea. it's magic, that way. don't you think? (love the sock!)


Yayyy!! Gorgeous colours in that wool... hurry up though, those other five feet are getting cold!


Lovely sock! I knitted my first pair last year. I really like the yarn you've chosen here.


Socks are addictive, aren't they?

You have pretty hands. (I love bigbucketgirl's comment about LadyHands).


People gave you tutorials on socks????

Thank goodness... I'm off to find them. Sock knitting is the most finicky thing I've done, apart from learning how to patchwork scary triangles.

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