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28 January 2008


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Thanks for sending me off to be chuckling. Fabulous collection of bun cases, I am green with envy.


Lovely selection, but one question, do you use those silicone ones? I have a set, they have been used once, got angry with, attracted cat hairs and put back in the cupboard!
Surely the point of having a cupcake/fairy cake/muffin is to have the paper case that you peel off and suck the bits of icing off that get left in the crevices!

I'm on a rant, I shall stop now!


excellent. very weird. 10/10
however, is that not just 1 thing (rather than 7?)


I don't think this is at all weird - cupcake cases for all occasions are a necessity, surely? I just picked up some polka dot ones to add to my collection the other day :)


So many cupcake cases - I didn't really now it was possible! I like the idea that someone else is stressing about all your coloured cases!!


I love those bright cupcake cases. I like patterned ones too


Oh, Ali! No wonder we're friends. Check with me tomorrow, I'll photograph all the ones in my cupboard, too (not as beautifully as you did, but oh well, no matter). Now I have something else to scout out for you when I'm out shopping!


Definitely weird enough. I don't even bother with paper cases these days!


Probably the weird thing is that so many of us share your cupcake liner obsession! ;-)

Tiel S-K

ALl my paper cases get used as craft by the kids before they get used as their intended purpose. You should check this out for a bit of cupcake indulgence..


miss chris

Ha. This is just excellent. It reminds me of a rant I went on years ago about paper towels and the stupid prints they put on them. Thankfully manufacturers have mostly rectified that, but it really bothered me at the time when I had to buy rolls with little grapes or onions on them. Like my paper towels were part of my decor...?

... So, no, not strange. And I happen love your assortment, too. ':)


they're perfect, now I'd like mine with a carrot cake in please, and lemon icing. xx

Alice C

I realise now that my phobia has limited my horizons and that I need to go into counselling. I think that the most likely treatment will be aversion therapy - days and days of cupcakes with brightly coloured cases. It may need to wait until the Easter holidays or the dog is going to tired of eating them.


I'm with you, white is good but you definitely need a splash of colour thrown in for good measure. I especially love your silicone ones - is there a knack to getting them to give up the contents easily?


What's so weird? Half the fun of baking cupcakes is choosing the case and then the colour of the icing, isn't it?
I do get annoyed though, when the paper lining comes away from the foil ones and ruins the effect...


I LOVE your cupcake case collection!! I also have to have the 'right' matching case for the particular event. And of course the size is quite important depending on who will be eating them. The other night I used red, white and blue to take cakes to an Australia day party - so it may be weird but it's a really good weird!! Must get the little red heart ones out for Valentines Day!


That's not weird ... that's normal isn't it? :-O

Fabulous photos - as usual. x

Lucy Locket-Pocket



Such a cool collection! I'm a little jealous because I can only find white paper cases at my grocery store.


you know, i use to LOVE getting the different wrappers for different holidays and then i realized they were cluttering up my house way too much and i'd have to use halloween cupcake papers on valentine cupcakes and that sent a deep, problematic panic in me.

now i just get regular unbleached light brown ones. they go with everything and disappear in to the cupcake.


I'm with you on the coloured cases...what i want is someone to design (or find me?) polka dot cases. The silicone ones did my nut in...and gave me the heebee jeebee's washing them!.
Love the purple ones! Where are they from???


Holey moley and I thought I was obsessive ;-)

I do love the fairy cake bun cases though - is that wrong?

We had some scary Father Christmas ones, but fortunately they are all now used up. And all I have is boring supermarket ones. Humph.


I was unaware of the war against colored cupcake papers, I'll have to pop over there and see what it's all about.

Although I've seen the silicone cupcake pans, I've not used them. Do they work?

My own stockpile is full of multi-colored and patterned cupcake papers. I have no apologies to give for this collection as they are useful. I'll have to ponder this whole issue more.


oh I love them too!!!!

and I'm going to show this post to my husband who thinks I have too many.

Ha. No way lady, I'm a rookie compared to you. And I'm very jealous.


The touble with the silocne ones is you take them off to let the cake cool..right? or possibly wrong ? If right then you haven't got a pretty case around your cake, which is one of the delights of having fairy cakes. I like those bight colured ones you have shown, pink and purple I think they are.


hello, this post made me laugh, as I've spent some of my day today sorting out my cake cases (oh god.. have I said that out loud?)!! No, we're not weird at all :o !!


I am sure that you could find a support group to help with your cupcake compulsion!!!!!!!!!


I'm thinking what big cupboards you have...(jealous, moi?)


that is hilarious, ali. i use the unbleached parchment ones. but i've got about 6 boxes of them in the cupboard.


I love the coloured cases, but I hate cases in general! Since stocking up on silicone ones, I can't go back - mostly as a consumer. I hate peeling them off, then they're all soggy and crumbly... nope.

Maybe I could put them in cases after they're baked? Would that be insane?


Love your blog! Please, PLEASE tell me where you got the white ones in the first picture that you have named 'fancy'?! I have been searching HIGH and LOW for these!!!!

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